Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1110 Where Is Viola?

Samuel could not understand.

However, since Blair didn't want him around, he could only leave the bedroom to get a breath of fresh air.

After Samuel left, Blair's expression became serious.

"According to the blood tests, Nicole has a large number of both white and red blood cells. It looks like she has a cold. I don't doubt Ashley's medical skills. Since Ashley diagnosed inflammatory infection in Nicole, then why can't the inflammation be diminished?"

Ashley said in an injured tone, "All of my medication is used for anti-inflammation, but it has not worked."

After Gabrielle gave Nicole a full-body examination, she whispered, "Indeed Nicole is diagnosed with inflammatory infection, but the situation is not positive. From the features of the disease, it doesn't look like an inflammatory infection in gynaecology."

"What do you know about it?"

Blair knew that his wife had some research in this field, so he hurriedly asked.

Gabrielle frowned.

"I suspect it's not a fever caused by the original inflammation in Nicole's body."

"Do you think it is caused by external factors?"

Ashley immediately reacted.

"But I've already asked Samuel. Nicole has never been out alone. She just went to the hospital when Edwin fainted. She went to the hospital. Could it be that some source of infection from the respiratory tract has infected her? It's possible as her resistance is low now."

Gabrielle didn't agree with Ashley.

"It doesn't look like a respiratory infection. Let's have a full body check to see if there are any injuries on Nicole's body."

As soon as Gabrielle gave the suggestion, Blair realized he should leave here.

He looked at Gabrielle worriedly and said, "If you're tired, rest for a while. However, try to find the cause of Nicole's disease. Otherwise, I'm afraid that Samuel will lose his will to live on."

Gabrielle and Ashley both understood him. Then they nodded.

After Blair left the room, Gabrielle said, "Take off Nicole's clothes. I'll check the upper half, and you check the lower half."


Nicole's disease made Ashley nervous.

Nicole had been running a fever for so long. If they still couldn't find the reason or bring down the fever, she was likely to become idiot because of the fever.

Gabrielle and Ashley had a clear division of work. Both needed to search for suspicious spots on Nicole's body inch by inch.

Finally, half an hour later, Gabrielle found a needle-sized red dot on the back of Nicole's hand.

"Ashley, hurry up and take a look. What is this?"

Ashley hurriedly stepped forward, frowning.

"Indeed, the source of infection is an external factor."

Although they had found it, they didn't know what kind of external factor Nicole was suffering from. Now, they could only draw Nicole's blood for a further examination. However, it would take at least four to five hours to finish the test. However, no one knew what would happen to Nicole at that time.

Ashley's and Gabrielle's hearts sank.

"What should we do? Shall we tell Samuel the truth?"

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"What happened to Nicole?"

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