Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 165 I'll Take the Woman

Allen came in a bit lonely, but the sharp-eyed woman could notice that he was wearing a handmade Italian suit.

"Why, Sir, is this your first visit? Do you want a drink or a single room or something? I'll take you there!"

The woman's strong perfume reminded Allen of Nicole.

Nicole's fragrance was always subtle, but there was something about her that was so special and pleasing.

"Get out!"

Allen pushed her away and walked alone to the bar.

When she saw the young lady was pushed away, Mandy hurriedly came forward to greet the young man.

"Is this your first visit, Sir? It was noisy outside. Do you want me to get you a single room? You can drink and play, without anyone disturbing you. You must be born of a noble family. It is not a good thing to have someone gossiped about you, right?"

Mandy was really a good talker.

Allen was not familiar with this place. When he heard what Mandy said, he thought for a moment and said, "Find me a single room in the middle of nowhere, the more remote the better. As long as no one bothers me, I will give you much.”

"Hey! This way, Sir. We have an isolated single room on the first floor, close to the basement, and not many people go there. Sir, you may go there."

"Come on."

Allen just wanted to find somewhere quiet, drinking and comforting himself. He didn't want anyone to see his vulnerability.

All his pride was shattered in front of Nicole, and he didn't want anyone to see him again.

Mandy had experienced a lot. Someone like Allen who came here alone must be hurt by love and did not want to be disturbed, so she quickly took Allen to a remote private room.

"Do you need any special service, Sir?"

Mandy did not forget her job and asked.

"No, get out! No one is allowed to come in without my permission!”

Allen threw the dollars out of his wallet.

Seeing Allen was generous, Mandy hurriedly took the money and went out.

Allen found the decor was nice. It was luxurious but also pleasant.

Spending money to get drunk was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever done in his life, but so what? Who cared?

Nicole now lived happily in the Seapolis City with her son.

The more he thought about it, the more distressed Allen became.

The waiter brought in the wine.

"Here's your drink, Sir, and if you run out of it, we'll send one more. Just ring the bell by hand if you have any need.”

"I see. Get out of here."