Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 161 His Daughter with Nicole

“Go get the doctor! She must be fine!"

Samuel ordered calmly.

People around began to pinch her philtrum, trying to wake her up, while Jason frowned and said, "She is not the descendant of the Don Family.”

Hearing that, Petty was shaking more violently, and everyone could tell she was unsatisfied with what Jason had said.

Jason said faintly, "The Don Family doesn't have anyone who has epilepsy. I have also checked the family history of that woman, and there is no case of epilepsy. But for the sake of safety, I need to take a blood sample and do a DNA test.”

"Just do it."

For Samuel, Petty had nothing to do with him. Even if she was the descendant of the Don Family, Samuel couldn't give up anything. If Petty was really not the descendant of the Don Family, it would be much easier to deal with.

At this point, Samuel was like a hellish emissary, with murderous aura around him. Without Nicole by his side, it seemed that there was no one who could make him laugh again.

Joseph was getting better. He had insisted on calling his sister and told her the good news.

The servant had no choice but to tell Samuel this request.

Samuel frowned slightly.

"Sister? Where did he get his sister?"

"The young master said that it was Lucas’ sister. He promised Lucas to treat his sister well and said the girl is named Zoe."

Samuel's hand gave a sudden jerk.

"What is she called?"


The servant didn't make any mistake.

Samuel went quickly to Joseph's room.

“Who's Zoe?”

"She is the eldest brother's sister. We have seen each other on the video and she looked exactly like Lucas, but she is better looking than him. Lucas

also said that she has never been out of the hospital or seen the outside world since she was born. Daddy, why don't we go to America and get my sister back? I promised Lucas that I would treat Zoe like she was my own sister."

Joseph's words left Samuel speechless for a long time.

Wasn't Zoe Allen's illegitimate daughter?

How could it be Lucas’ sister?

How could she look exactly like Lucas?

Unless she was his daughter!

Samuel was inexpressibly shocked.

If she was his daughter, why did Nicole never say anything about it? Why didn't she ever tell him?

Samuel quickly went to Joseph's room to investigate Zoe himself.

Allen saved Zoe's data well, and Samuel had to break through several security systems to get in.

From the photos, Zoe and Lucas looked much alike, but her face was terribly pale. The most important thing was that according to the data, she was born with kidney failure.

It dealt Samuel a blow.