Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 153 It's Good to Be Worldly


“The Brook Family is cruel that they had hidden you and my son away for five years, and now they also blatantly rob my woman from me. Do they think that I am vulnerable?”


Samuel became angrier as he spoke, and even wanted to fly directly to the United States to find Allen to get even with him.


Nicole stopped talking, too.


This man was now a retard.


It was useless to say too much, he was stuck in his own dead end, without any reason at all.


Samuel had planned to listen to how Nicole coaxed him, but after a long time of anger, Nicole didn't react at all. He quickly turned his head around. Seeing Nicole's indifferent appearance, the anger in his heart became more intense.


“Nicole, do you wish I hate you now and let you go? Then you can stay forever with Allen, right? you are dreaming!”


Seeing Samuel getting more and more excited, Nicole directly withdrew her hand and said coldly, "I don't talk to a retard.”


Finished the words, she got up and left.


Samuel felt that he was insulted.


He who had an IQ of 180 was actually described as a retard by Nicole?


"Nicole, I said to stay! Where are you going? Joseph hasn't come out yet!"


"I'm going to the toilet. Do you also want to go?"


Nicole rolled her eyes directly, feeling that Samuel at this time was more irrational than Lucas.




Lucas had never been irrational.


Nicole shook her head, raised her foot and walked towards the toilet.


Samuel was in a sulk on the same spot alone.


Everyone turned against him!


His son didnt take him seriously, and now even Nicole treated him like this. Didn't he have any charm at all?


She couldn't sit still just because of someone of the Brook Family who had proposed to her, right?


Samuel gritted his teeth angrily, feeling severe pain in his chest. Unfortunately, there was no one around to comfort him.


He felt very pitiful.


Why did he fall in love with such a heartless woman?


With no one around, Samuel was able to calm down and think about what happened just now.


The Brook Family proposed to Nicole, how dare they!


But what did Nicole say just now?


His mind started to play back like a rewind.