Destined to Love You

Chapter 97A Revenge on Angela

Jonathan got a text from the housekeeper and left the company in a hurry.

He had already warned Angela, but she still couldn’t let him off.

She had used to be his “angel”, but what she did made him gradually losing his patience and good feelings towards her.

He walked into the castle sullenly. When he entered, he saw the steward anxiously asking others to look through things.

“What’s the matter? Where is Angela?”

As soon as the steward saw him, he ran over in a hurry.

“Mr. Miller, Miss Hunk and Miss Felix disappeared!”

Jonathan was shocked. He clenched his fist and looked around the room.

“What’s going on?”

The steward was about to cry.

“Just now Miss Felix said that she had something to talk to Miss Hunk. Miss Hunk insisted on asking the bodyguard to leave. After a few minutes, when I came back again, there was no one in the living room!”

“I asked them to search everywhere, but we still couldn’t find them.”

Jonathan’s eyes narrowed slightly showing a cold light which looked as sharp as a blade.


He gritted his teeth and his muscles tightened with anger.

“Check everything! Check the security-camera footage! I need to find them by every means!”

Everything was black before her eyes.

There was a sharp pain in the back of the head with a feeling of nausea.

Claudia struggled to open her eyes.

She gradually could see clearly.

The first thing she saw was a wall.

Her hands were tied behind her back and she couldn’t move.

There was a dank and musty smell in the air.

When Claudia moved, she felt head was splitting.

This room was not big in which there were only one bed, two chairs, and some clothes and other stuffs lying around. The room was very old, the curtains were closed and the light was dim.

looked around and found

tied like Claudia,

“Angela? Angela?”

and Angela finally

“Where is here?”

looked around. Before she could say anything, they heard a sound

quickly moved back

The door was opened.



How could it be

He sneered.

it be me? Are you surprised

shivered with fear, and her

man saw her being like that, he began to laugh in satisfaction. With a

Angela screamed with fright.

know what you are doing? Jonathan will

a bloated figure and a oily face. He had only a few hair left which seeming had not been cleaned for a long time

chuckled and looked at her with bedroom

in a suit. After only

carrying fast food that he had

totally different with what

he looked up

have lost everything. So I have

laughed and lifted Angela

of you!

didn’t expect that Angela

on him the next

and in just a few weeks,

and took this opportunity to take away his shares

what he had done before, no

it wasn’t for Angela, he wouldn’t have been

because of

She set him up!

looks at Angela

want you to go to the

was shaking with

sorry! I was

money. Jonathan gave me a lot of money, and I can give

give you money too. He will give you whatever you want only

looked at her

don’t want money. Now I have become like this, and have no chance to win. Anyway, I got nothing to lose, and

up and threw her on the

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