Desperate Lovers

Chapter 174What she had done wrong

"Come home?" Angela's face was gloomy ever since she saw her mother, "Where is my home? The Chante family?" She snorted and said slowly, "That's your home, not mine."

Elva froze for a moment and said with slightly red eyes,

"Angela, are you still blaming me?

But you caused that car accident back then, after all. Your father only chose to treat you like that because he was afraid that people would say our family was covering up for a murderer.

He had no choice but to do that!"

Angela tightened her lips and looked at her coldly in silence, her heart throbbing with pain.

No choice? That was funny!

"It is bad for you to work at a place like the Dream Club."

Angela’s indifference made Elva's heart hurt, "Angela, just come back with me. I'll ask your father to arrange a position for you in the Chante group. Don't go to the Dream Club anymore."

She reached out to pull Angela.

Angela ducked her hand to the side and dodged her touch, and said coldly, "Are you done?"

Sadly, this was her biological mother, who claimed to do what was best for her, but she never believed her, even once!

"Angela, you..."

Elva’s eyes turned red and she started weeping.

Angela used to have a hard time seeing her mother crying and would always feel heartbroken, but now she just felt pitiful, ridiculous, and pathetic.

"Here is the tissue, Mrs. Chante." Roland took out a tissue and handed it to Elva.

Elva accepted the tissue and wiped her tears, "Thank you doctor."

“You are welcome.”

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before she could speak, Roland said first, "Then I'll take the liberty to ask, do you wish Miss Angela well? Or do you want her to have

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face, huffed and looked at Angela for a moment, but this time she chose not to continue tangling on this matter, "Then you ...... then you take ...... a good rest,

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