Degrade from Nobility to a Humble Slave

Chapter 4287 The Gamble Of Life

The needle, twisted and distorted badly, trembled violently as it tried to return to its original straight profile. If it wanted to forcefully break the space, it had to be connected as a whole.

This was a fight of physics. The needle represented an indestructible mass, but the space had been separated. Consequently, the aftermath was extreme.

All kinds of shock waves burst and rippled outwards.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A huge claw-shaped shock wave swept towards Zen's primitive land, gouging out a large chunk from its surface. Another shock wave drilled into the earth, leaving a pit that was dozens of miles deep.

While Zen's primitive land and the downgrader's Burial Land were caught in the line of fire, they were both solid enough to bear the impact.

However, the Evil God had transformed the materials in many large provinces into energy. Consequently, many parts of the Source World were weakened. When the shock waves rained onto the Source World, it cracked like an eggshell.

In a matter of seconds, the entire surface of the Source World was riddled with holes.

Fortunately, no materials or creatures had been left in these provinces, so it wasn't that big a deal. However, the proud Evil God couldn't tolerate this easily.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a few moments of twisting and turning, the indestructible needle finally broke the rules of space.

The space that bound and distorted the needle broke, and the parts of the needle began to connect again.

Even though the segments of the needle connected, it was still crooked, since it was forcibly twisted by the In and Out Holes.

Then, the needle tried to return to its originally straight state, moving like an uncontrollable metal whip that was lashing around violently.

It smashed anything in its way, without exception.


A deafening sound of grinding metal echoed throughout the space as the needle tried to stretch back to a straight profile, a small crooked part of it shooting towards the Burial Land.

"What in the world..."

The downgrader's eyes widened as he saw the incoming needle.

had absolute advantage over the whole

didn't even qualify to join this battle, and figured

that the Evil God was trying to drag out his feeble

tables turn so


he tried to come up with a solution. He wanted to build a hole, but the space in this area was still in chaos, so that was


he controlled the array plate in front of him. The entire plate was

exactly the opposite of

he could control the extending speed of the needle, reduce the extending speed to zero, and even force the needle to shrink back, he couldn't

from having been twisted was outside his

able to stop

horror, the needle continued heading towards

Crack! Rumble!

a deafeningly thunderous

corners of the Burial Land had been smashed into

this corner was a huge space, where countless Troubled Creatures lived. They had been clamoring

even started, the skies began to

the sky, together with a huge silver creature, fell to the earth. The Troubled Creatures were

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

in a stagnant state, but once one of its corners was

specific curved part of the needle


platform, Zen and his companions were dumbfounded as they

this, even he was taken

"The Evil God...

plan from the very

life," the Snake Goddess said, her eyebrows furrowing deeply.

to speak. He focused on controlling the primitive land, avoiding the needle as best

after one of its corners was hit. If it was hit by the needle head-on,

so vast that it was hard to navigate

needle whipped around violently. Then, its bent head shot in the primitive land's direction at a

platform raised their heads

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