"Ha-ha, you are united," the downgrader sneered.

The Snake Spirit King said beside him, "We can't redirect the path of the needle indefinitely."

"I can constantly create the In and Out Holes, and Zen can also do so. But how can that being from the Source World also do this?" the downgrader asked.

Like Zen, his energy did not originate from the primitive land. He had boundless energy and could create limitless In and Out Holes.

But the Source World couldn't do this.

This temporary balance would sooner or later be destroyed because of the energy drain from the Source World.

The downgrader was in no rush. As time ticked by, the situation would more and more turn in his favor.

He stretched out his hand, and the seventh set of In and Out Holes appeared. The needle flew towards the Source World.

Without saying a word, the Evil God waved his hand and released the eighth set of holes.

He didn't let Zen be an onlooker. He directed the needle towards Zen's primitive land.

However, once he released the eighth set of holes, his expression became cautious.

Although the Source World had expanded by more than a thousand times, and the energy contained within it was much powerful than it used to be, the energy required to create the holes was massive. The Evil God had released four sets of holes in rapid succession, which had consumed most of the Source World's energy. If he continued to release more holes, the Source World would probably not survive this.

But now that things had picked up momentum, there was no way out of this for the Evil God.

It was obvious that the first one who couldn't hold on would lose.

Soon, Zen created the ninth set of holes.

The downgrader released the tenth set.

The Evil God unleashed the eleventh set.

The twelfth set.

The thirteenth set.

in and out of the black and white holes. It had already zigzagged to and fro thirteen times, and it was now heading

"The Hyperspace Extreme Form!"

tried to release the

remaining energy of the Source World and began to transform it into

Source World had been utterly spent!

his eyes revealing rare traces of

God. He knew clearly how much the drain on the Extreme Form energy was. The Evil God probably wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

Almost half a

Evil God's mouth

did I become so indecisive?' he

cold that he could sacrifice everything to reach his goal: his future,

control of the Source World, he unwittingly became softhearted. He began to care about Edna and Shera, who had

to care, they developed weaknesses.

Evil God realized that in caring, he would suffer a

have much more than just a little energy,"

the Source World, and soon it arrived

Humans dwelt there.

Evil God was felt, everyone in the province raised their heads.

Gods, and even the warriors at the Other Shore Realm were all terrified when they felt this indomitable will. They didn't know what fate

You must offer yourselves to save it." The booming voice of the Evil God rang in everyone's ears.

immediately overcome by an ominous feeling.

told to sacrifice themselves!

For what?

have to sacrifice themselves to save the

they were

the Evil God didn't offer them any alternatives.


rose up into the air, turning into fine powder and

resisting were all sucked into the air by an irresistible force

end, the many layers of the ground, the caves, the bed rocks underneath, and even the creatures hiding underground were

not destroyed. Instead, they were all transformed into

thick. If this thin layer of shell was converted into

more provinces suffered

more than thirty huge provinces were all deprived of their lives, and their bodies were consumed after they heard the words of

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