Degrade from Nobility to a Humble Slave

Chapter 4284 The In And Out Holes

Zen watched warily as the white hole formed rapidly, the needle drilling out from within it.

The needle itself still continued to extend at incredible speed.

The distance between the Burial Land and the Source World was not too big, and the needle steadily approached the Burial Land.

From the jadeite platform, Zen projected this shocking scene, so that everyone could see it.

"Is this a space channel?" Kendrick asked, his eyes widening with shock.

Everyone could tell that the black hole and the white hole were two ends of a space channel.

It was relatively simple to construct a space channel, but it definitely was no easy feat to build a space channel big enough for the needle to pass through. This space channel was so large that it could fit the entire Source World!

"They are the In and Out Holes built from the Hyperspace Extreme Form," Zen explained calmly.

The black hole swallowed everything in its path, whereas the white hole served as the exit for everything that entered the black hole.

Once the needle entered through the black hole, there was nowhere else for it to go but the exit through white hole.

"What an incredible method!" the Snake Goddess praised, beaming with awe.

"I don't know how the downgrader will deal with this. The needle is moving so fast!" Kincaid said excitedly.

The Evil God had built the In and Out Holes right in the nick of time, and the needle was now approaching the Burial Land.

It would've been fine if the downgrader had prepared in advance. But now, since it was so sudden, it was difficult for him to change the direction of the needle.

Three hundred miles.

One hundred miles.

Ten miles.

One mile.

The needle was so close to piercing the Burial Land...

the needle abruptly stopped in its path. It was as though a giant hand had grabbed it with force.

red. In the face of danger, he had chosen to forcefully stop the needle. A trace of anger was revealed in his six pairs of eyes; he never expected that the Evil God would master the Hyperspace Extreme Form, much less that he would

Land had almost been destroyed just now.

shocked at the

did the needle

isn't long enough to reach the Burial

Goddess said, her eyes growing misty. "The needle is controlled by the downgrader, and the Source World is

exchanged surprised glances. What the Snake Goddess


almost popped out of his head

arrived at the same conclusion as the Snake Goddess. "So

stood still, a mile away from the Burial Land.

the Burial Land. Quickly, it grew to be

the Hyperspace Extreme Form. After he had created the hole, he did something to the plate in front of


them. As the huge needle plunged into the black hole, another white hole appeared above the Source World. Once more, the needle was steadily

chaos, and every time it could do that

an Other Shore Token was, no one could change the needle's

now, the direction of the needle had been changed four times in a row. Yet,

the Evil God found that he no longer felt

figured that the downgrader viewed him as insignificant, since he dared attack his Source World first. With a sinister smile, the Evil God vowed he would make the


the Hyperspace Extreme

power of the Deep Space was incredible, but it

for the needle was extremely taxing to the Evil God, since he needed to

in high spirits, he no longer cared about how

set of In and Out Holes appeared. The black hole and the white hole

third set of holes appeared.

was heading towards the

again, the downgrader sneered. He saw

much Extreme Form energy you have mastered, but is

just keep returning


yet another set of holes, reverting the

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