Degrade from Nobility to a Humble Slave

Chapter 4283 The Black Hole And The White Hole

Inside the black hall, the Evil God had received the warning from the sentry.

"The Source World would be targeted first... That bastard surely is looking down on me, huh?" The Evil God was vexed at the information.

The Grandmaster of Heaven, who was standing next to him, smiled faintly and said, "If I remember it correctly, it was the 300th chaotic era when the twin primitive lands appeared. When the first primitive land was destroyed by the needle, it didn't take long before the second was also destroyed. They might not be destroyed at the same time, but there was no exception in the face of the needle."

However, they didn't know that the needle of the end could actually be controlled.

The only reason why the Source World was targeted first was because the downgrader felt that it was much easier to deal with.

The sentry had released the Illusory Vision many times, which also aroused the vigilance of the downgrader. He found out that there were people in the Source World who could control the power of the Deep Space, but they only relied on the Soul Extreme Form, which was why the downgrader didn't really deem it as a threat.

On the other hand, his real problem was Zen, who had already mastered the Heavenly Ring Staff and possessed all the powers of the Deep Space. Needless to say, it would be difficult for him to deal with Zen right now.

"What are you going to do?" Duran asked "We need to come up with something very soon."

The Evil God contemplated for a while before he looked and asked Duran, "Your Treacherous Being body should be immortal, right?"

"Well technically, as long as the coordinates aren't damaged, and there's no presence of the Light of Annihilation, it's impossible to harm or kill the Treacherous Being body," Duran said confidently.

"I see. Then, how about you help me with something?" the Evil God said as if he already thought of something to overturn the situation.

"I'm listening. What are you planning?" Duran asked.

A devilish grin appeared on the face of the Evil God as he said, "Well, I'm just thinking of doing something to startle the downgrader, so he'll realize that he can't just look down upon me."

As of the moment, the needle was still elongating, like a massive bamboo that was growing like crazy. It wouldn't stop until it crushed its target.

The needle was extending at an incredible rate, but the distance between it and the Source World was also immense. At its current speed, it would still take about two more days before the needle reached its target.

At the same time, on the jadeite platform, Zen also gathered everyone to discuss and prepare the countermeasures.

There, Geoffrey, Rocher, Kincaid, Hilario, the remaining energy souls of the Primeval Lord of Heaven, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord and the other human heroes, as well as the avatars of the three Chaos Ancient Gods, assembled upon Zen's call.

Although the end of the chaos was almost upon them, they were still able to keep calm and think straight.

In this round of chaos, they were able to master and acquire power that was far stronger than the needle. With that, it shouldn't be that difficult for them to handle it.

the end of the chaos is coming soon. Let me fight!" Geoffrey volunteered


but powerful, and it was actually superior to the current powers

and fighting spirit, but he said, "Geoffrey, you will definitely

father had really

because the needle is not aimed at us," Zen replied. "It's actually

of relief on their faces. The extreme tension had

Then, it gives us

wait and see what

the Source World, then the Evil God would

he would be able to deal with

God expressed an intention to join hands with

to be on guard against the Evil God, but we have to remember that we should be more vigilant towards the downgrader. I'm sure that he will make a move once the Source World is already attacked. I'm afraid that we can't just watch idly," Fuxi also expressed his

person, but his destructive power couldn't be compared to the terror that

slim, if he managed to win in the end, he still wouldn't

needle arrives at the Source World. Once it's there, we shall act

and the way they treated the needle also

the needle would come from. Thus, they had set up a big array on the inner wall of the chaos in advance, in an attempt to seal the needle outside of the

all out and set up enchanted barriers to block the growing needle. However, they weren't able to

most powerful Other Shore Tokens to gather their power on a human ancestor.

chaotic eras had passed, and all sorts of strange civilizations had appeared. There were so many ways to resist the needle, but no

in this round of chaos were not prepared at all. Even as the needle approached, the three

about fifty million miles away from the Source World and was fast approaching.

"It's here! It's coming!"

Evil God acting as a sentry, as he shook the black

needle was just thirty million miles away

and the needle

Five million miles...

One million miles...

thousand miles...

hundred thousand miles...

at this distance, the sentry could already observe it

actually as huge as the Source World.

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