The thunderous noise lasted for three days and three nights before it finally stopped.

The entire chaos temporarily returned to a state of tranquility. Some of the creatures in the Source World began to regain their senses of hearing.

Even though the terrible shock waves already disappeared, the people did not feel relieved. Instead, they became even more worried.

Some of them began to leaf through the ancient books. They were trying to predict what would happen next.

Meanwhile, someone in the Bloom Divine Province found a relevant passage.

An old man opened an ancient book with his hands trembling with fear and anxiety.

This ancient book was written long ago by an elder of his race. It talked about what would happen should the end come.

"The last thunder will destroy everything with its sound. However, the six sages will be protected by a bright and dazzling light."

"Those six sages refer to the six Chaos Ancient Gods," murmured one of his companions.

"So six lucky warriors will be selected in the Source World," another one chimed in.

To be chosen as one of the Chaos Ancient Gods, there were two conditions that must be satisfied. First, the person must possess enormous amounts of strength. At the very least, they must be at the Holy Soul Realm.

The second one would be sheer luck.

Knowing this secret, the warriors at the Holy Soul Realm and the Eternal Realm had high hopes that they could be one of the chosen Chaos Ancient Gods.

If they were selected, they were basically granted a special ticket to the next round of chaos.

Out of the blue, everyone heard a buzzing sound.

A beam of light suddenly appeared in the Source World. It headed straight for the hall the Evil God built.

Meanwhile, on the second floor of the hall, several cultivators of the Holy Soul Realm and the Eternal Realm were greedily absorbing the bloodline powers.

The Evil God looked at these people impassively. He appeared extremely generous. But in actuality, he felt thoroughly disgusted of them.

Soon enough, he would need their help. All he could do for now was patiently satisfy their greed.

Buzz! Something streaked past them from above.

the black hall and enshrouded one of the cultivators of the Holy Soul Realm.

light enveloping his entire body. Naturally, he was awestruck for a few moments. Suddenly, he realized that he was chosen to be a Chaos Ancient God and master a truth. He was

chosen to be a Chaos Ancient God?" one of the cultivators whispered to

he will still make it to the next chaotic era with such

doesn't possess that much strength. Why is he

felt envious. "Why couldn't

Earlier, they were quite happy and satisfied as they were able to gather much power. But

be six chosen Chaos Ancient Gods. This meant that they still had a chance.

excited. Anyone who was granted a sure ticket

saw a black figure approaching him. It reached out and grabbed

other than the Evil God.

Evil God attacked him. "What... What are you doing?" he

chaotic era. If I lose, there won't be a next chaotic

But... I was

as he didn't know

an eye, the warrior's body turned

scene unfold right in front of them, all the other warriors were frightened. The Evil God slayed the warrior in such a way

was true, this was totally uncalled for. Whether or not there would be a next round of chaos, there was no need to

realized that the seemingly generous Evil God was never a good person in the first place.

minds. They were afraid that the light would envelope them, which in turn,


again, someone had been chosen.

beam of light

and fell upon the Pear Hill. It landed on Fuxi who was currently standing on the jadeite

others saw this, they were slightly astounded. After a second, they smiled as

Finale Way. Therefore, it was not surprising that

for so long. But in the end, I still can't live up to the expectations of the

compensation can never be fulfilled,"

last chaotic era and there would be no next one

the third, fourth, fifth, sixth beams of light.

black hall

Realm cultivators and one Eternal Realm cultivator on the spot. Everyone

Gods were chosen, the chaos began to clean up

chaos would be annihilated. However, there were no living beings within the chaos due to the downgrading.

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