The moment they got in the car Ariana slapped him on his arm and roll her eyes, “Do you have to be so intimidating?”

  Michael chucked and held her hands to pull her on his legs.

  He smashed his lips on her for a short kiss, “Do you have to be so adorable?”

  “Because I am.” She pouted.

  Michael was surprised by her answer, “When did you become a narcissist?”

  Ariana kissed him on his cheeks and teased, “I guess Mr. Matthews is rubbing off on me. Who knows?”

  Michael pushed her down on the back of the car seat and press on her. He bit her on her lip, neck and ears, “Which one of the Mr. Matthews?”

  All Ariana could do was laugh because it felt tickled to her.

  She decided to let herself go with her husband if she wants to keep him.


  Michael sat on the bed with his back the head of the bed watching his wife applying her skincare.

  He really like that his wife was relaxing around him but he still doesn’t know what is in her head.

  He finally told his mother that she is his wife and not to worry about the company. His mother was not please but he knew his father can keep her under control for now.

  Ariana did not ask him anything about today and he was happy for that because he did not want to talk about. Did she not asked because she trust him enough or because she didn’t care?

  Thinking about that, Michael felt bitter in his heart. He needs to win her heart.

  “What are you thinking about?” Ariana’s voice brought him back to reality.