Ariana sat in Emily’s car with her head rest on the window. She was deciding what to do. If she should go back to Michael’s place or go somewhere else. After all, they do have a contract that says she have to live with throughout the one year contract.

  “Babe, do you want to come home with me?” Emily knew her friend is in a dilemma. It was obvious that she enjoyed being with Michael and she doesn’t doubt the love he has for her. She saw the way he looked at her in the hospital with pure love and adoration. There must be a misunderstanding somewhere.

  Ariana thought about for a while and finally answered, “Take me back to Michael’s villa.” Ariana did not want to stay with Emily. She still lives with her parents and as much as the Smith Family treats her well, she did not want to intrude their home.

  “Are you sure?” Emily was concern about her.

  Pursing her lips and not taking her eyes from the outside scenery, Ariana answered bare audible, “Yeah.”

  “Well maybe that is for the best. I don’t want Michael tearing down my home looking for you.” Emily joked but Ariana was not in the mood for that.

  After what Ariana witnessed in the hospital and how close Michael was with that woman. Ariana doubt that was possible. Why would Michael tear down anybody’s home to get to her when he has that beauty?

  They already look like a couple and based on the brand clothes she was wearing, it could be said that they are from the same circle. Even though they could have been bought by him. Who knows?