Ariana felt her heart broke in millions of pieces. Something she did not thought was possible after being betrayed by Adam Richards, a boyfriend she loved for four years. She loved him even after being betrayed but Michael replaced all of what was left of Adam.

  But what did she expect, Michael Matthews is Capitalist and wealthy bachelor that can sweep any woman off their feet if he wants. Why would he settle for a poor and pitiful woman like her?

  Michael could not utter a word for a short while. He saw her face and fell in utter despair. “What happen to your face?” he reached out to touch her face and she dodged his touch.

  What nerve did he have touching her when another woman is in his arms? Did he marry her as a joke? Even if this is a contractual marriage, the least he could do was be faithful until it ends.

  “Mr. Matthews, I have other business to take care of. Have a nice night.” The disdain was evident her voice and Michael felt his heart suffocating from her tone. The way she addressed his as Mr. Matthews as if he meant nothing to her than just a boss.

  Emily stand at the side and she did not want to get involved as yet. She wanted Ariana to fight this one out. She hated man like Michael, wants to have mistresses and expect the wife to allow it because they are more financially stable than the woman.

  “Emily, let’s go. Didn’t you bring me here to see a doctor?” She called out to a dumbstruck Emily.

  “Okay, let us go. It is not worth your dignity. Life goes on and we can find another way.” Emily scoffed at Michael and Samantha. Emily thought Samantha was shameless to see the man wife and still cling onto him and Michael was even worse to allow it.

  “Mickey, why do you allow your employees to talk to you like that?” Samantha wanted to boost his ego but she forgot that he is different from most men. She wanted to get the media to publish their relationship going into the hotel but this is even better. She snuggled more in his arms without making her swollen ankle noticed.