The next day Michael and Ariana left home together. Ariana wasn’t so keen on the idea but Michael wouldn’t let her have her own way.

  She sat at the car window looking the unfamiliar scenery. She did not want cause any gossips going to work with him but what could she do. She would just have to bare it for now. Michael seemed to sense her discomfort and he pulled her closer to him, “Tell me what is bothering you so I can fixed it.”

  Ariana only looked at him for a few seconds then turned away pouting. “You can but you won’t.”

  Michael narrowed his eyebrows, “And what could that be?” this woman was so silly sometimes.

  Ariana did not want to waste her time talking to him so she did not answer. Michael pinched her chin for her to look at him. He kissed her lips lightly and said seriously, “I cannot help you if you don’t tell me what is on your mind.”

  “I want to be transferred back to Marketing and I don’t want to be seen with you to avoid gossip.” She was almost pleading with him.

  Michael felt sorry for her but he still arrogantly refused, “No, I want you closer to me and people will know that you are mine soon or later!”

  Ariana was speechless by his tyrannical attitude, after she regain her composure she said sarcastically, “Why don’t you just move me into your office? We could just be a Siamese Twin.” Michael was in deep thoughts and Ariana used this as an opportunity to release herself from his grip.

  “You know that is not a bad idea? I can ask Alex when we get into office.” Ariana became angry instantly and punch him in the chest. “Are you crazy?”

  “Ha! Ha! You should have seen your face.” Michael laughed and watched her embarrassed look. A little Rabbit.