“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Ariana screamed and started beating his muscular chest.

  “Silly woman, why are you screaming so loud and I haven’t done anything as yet?” Ariana lowered her eyes and was feeling embarrassed by Michael’s rogued words.

  “What are you doing? Put me down.” Ariana knew she would have to do it with him soon or later but she preferred later. She had been saving herself for Adam Richards but he left her for her half-sister. The thought of that made Ariana sad but she had made a self-note instantly not to be sad about those two anymore.

  “I will put you down of course but on the bed.” Michael smirked at her. He was carrying her princess style. He got into his bedroom and closed the door. He threw her onto bed and then he got onto it as well. Ariana was lying on her back. Michael spread her legs and laid himself between them. He started by kissing her lips softly.

  Ariana wanted to protest in between kisses but the man would not allow it because he wanted her so badly. She need to put out the fire she ignited in him. He held her hands above her head with his left hand and used his right hand to left her dress while still kissing her lips softly but passionately. Once he got her dress above her twin ladies, he released his lips from hers in order to bring the dress over her head. Ariana was intoxicated from his kisses and touch. She was so flushed and in a daze that she forgot to refuse.

  After her dress was taken off, he started kissing her lips again. His right hand playing with one of her twin ladies, she let out a soft moan in his mouth and he smiled and started biting her earlobe gently. He moved down to her neck leaving love bites along the way. Ariana was so turned on and her heat started rising that she no longer wanted him to stop. She wanted to experience what it was to be a woman.

  “Michael.” She whispered softly.

  “Ariana.” Michael responded with his voice hoarse with desires. He looked at her flushed face and bright eyes. He could see his own reflection from them. She was so simple and pure.