Michael got up and kissed her on the lips, “Okay, I will give you two more days and no more.”


  Ariana looked at him nervously, “What do you mean?”


  Michael kissed her again and used his right thumb to caress her bottom lip, “It means, if you don’t make a decision in two days, then I will automatically make one for you and I think we both know what that would be.” After he said that, he bit her lip gently and strode through the door. Ariana was left in a haze.


  In the Fearon’s Home


  “Dad, are we really going to let her go?” Gina was furious and had barely cooled off from her earlier tantrums. Ashton sat on the sofa with his elbows rest on his knees and his chin in his palms. He looked dejected. Mr. Johnson promised to have the company go bankrupt if he doesn’t give him one of his daughters.


  Angela was also worried but mostly angry, “Ashton, what are we going to do because I can’t let my daughter married in the hands of an old pervert?” He originally wanted Gina but she somehow managed to bribe him into marrying Ariana instead.


  The people of Westron don’t know the Fearon Family has another daughter because she was always suppressed by Angela.


  “Mom, I don’t want to marry that man. Please do something.” Gina started crying. She only wants to be married into the Richards Family. She did not seduced Adam Richards just to be married to an old man.