Ariana Fearon got to Matthew’s Group building thirty minutes early since she had to go to HR to finalize her contract. Ariana is really excited for her new job but nervous at the same time, she had already given up on Fearon’s Group since there is no place for her there.


“Babe, you will do great here. You are now working for the highest paying company in Westron and I just wish for you to be comfortable.” Emily Smith is even more excited than Ariana. It is hard to tell who is going to work here. She even volunteered to bring her bestfriend to work for the first day. Emily had inherited her family’s company, so she is quite busy these days.


Ariana smiled and couldn’t help rolling her eyes at Emily. “Why are you so excited?”


“Of course I am excited to see you doing something you love. It is time to put that damn family of yours in the past.” Emily must have seen the hurt in Ariana’s eyes so she stopped, “I am sorry babe, and you know I can get carried away sometimes.”


“It is not your fault, I just always thought my marriage would be about love. Never thought they would rinse me off to an arranged marriage.” Ariana sighed in her heart.


“So, do you know who they arranged for you this time?”


“I have no idea because I am not interested.”


Emily got angry, “Don’t they have that b*tch Gina to put up for sale if they are in need of family strength?” Tears welled up in Ariana’s eyes but she was too stubborn to let her teardrops fall. Emily was so caught up in her anger so much that she didn’t even realize Ariana’s pain on this topic.


“Say no more. I just want to make an honest living and leave that family behind for good.” Ariana really meant what she said but Gina and Angela White kept making trouble for her.


Emily seemed to remember something. She looked over to Ariana and wiped her tears then smirked. “Remember you have the hottest bachelor in Westron City as your boss. Maybe you can make him fall in love with you.”