Darling, Don't Get Rid of Me

Chapter 14 A kidney transplant

"Wesley, Miss Jones's condition is getting worse and worse!" Dr. Johnson hurried over and said, "Once the operation time is missed, it will be troublesome."

The doctor’s words destroyed the softness in his heart. He pulled back his hand, looked down at Harriet and asked again, “Harriet, have you made up your mind?”

Harriet heart was sinking down.

She wanted to bet that he would keep the baby.

They had been together for two years. Was there any relationship between them? He had no children till the time. Would he want to keep the baby?

She thought that she was betting right seeing Wesley's struggling complexion, but Wesley became indifferent and shattered her because of the doctor's words.

Wesley was impatient with her silence.

He told the address where Colin lived to the man on the phone. It was the house Harriet bought in the western suburbs. As if Harriet didn't agree, he would ask people to catch Colin.

"I already get a decision." Harriet tightened her hand on her stomach, as if restraining herself from trembling. Her red lips were raised high, "I want eight million, and we end our relationship after the surgery!"