Darling, Don't Get Rid of Me

Chapter49 Careful Thought

Wesley's hand crossed the dining table, stopping Harriet hand from a distance which reveled their intimate relationship, but no one dared to say anything as Wesley was big boss.

"Harriet did drink a lot, I will drink for her."

Bryant suddenly reached out his hand.

"It's not necessary for you."

Wesley glanced at Bryant without moving his hand but stop Bryant with his cool staring.

The glass of wine in Harriet's hand eventually returned to the table. No one dared to persuade her to drink more in the feast.

Late in the night, the crew in the restaurant was gradually dispersed.

Harriet and Wesley walked at the end. Bryant looked at them, and asked with a little tentative, "Harriet seems to be drunk. Someone has to send her home."

Wesley gave him a cold look, "Why? Are you going to send her home?"

Bryant was frightened by his words and quickly denied, "I don't mean that. I think Harriet will be home safely with your escort."

After he finished talking, he smiled and turned away quickly.

The black car galloped at high speed in the inner ring, and two figures on the rear seat were printed in the rear-view mirror of the car.

Harriet drank a lot, drunk and dizzy. After the car drove over a steep slope, her head sank and leaned on Wesley's shoulder, with her falling into lethargy.

Wesley retracted his gaze at the outside and looked at her.

The crew had ended their shooting which meant that she would return to the apartment for a long period of time before the start of her new movie, as before.

"Jack, when will her next show be filmed?"

"About half a month later."

"Speak to the person in charge and postpone it for a month."

"Boss, what about the loss of postponing a month ..."

Seeing Wesley's unpleasant gaze in the rear-view mirror, he closed his mouth silently and

The next morning,

She inexplicably felt familiar as she looked at a glass of

shower as she had been drunk. It was not possible for her to remember

She took the quilt and sat up, leaning on the bedside and watching the

the memory overlapped the figure of the person who took care of her last night and the memory of the drinking

It was really him, Wesley.

Harriet's heart for

The only difference was that she used to get the money he gave without any personal feelings, but now she had become attaching to him because of his caring even though she did not know whether he did it unintentionally. She desired his warmth right now.

It was very late when Harriet got up. Harriet adjusted her mood to clean and put on makeup after checking

like to accompany him for dinner today. It happened to be Saturday and Colin did not have the self-studying part at night. She could pick him up after school

5:00 p.m.--

refreshing tall figure coming from a distance. It was Colin, who was chased by a little girl. The girl

pulled her sunglasses down and looked at them

around them and she

and shaking, seeming to be saying something coquettishly. Colin shook her hands away and looked nervously around. Then he talked with the little girl with a

could not help laughing out

had a girlfriend without

They seemed to reach an agreement for a few minutes. The little girl turned around and left. Colin pulled the schoolbag back to his back and

rang the horn at him when he passed in front of the car.

step at the license plate for a while. His eyes were filled with joy and he quickly ran to the front driver seat. "Harriet!" He cried in surprise.

Harriet waved her hand and motioned him to get

come to pick me up?"

on the co-pilot seat and asked her while wearing the seat belt, "Do you finishing your shooting

has been ended and I have a lot of free time right now. I am

nose like a decorated item. She had to pay attention to the traffic

have been here

"I saw that

"What...what little girl?"

Colin denied.

not have a girl friend?" Harriet freed her hand to mess up his hair, "Stupid boy, you are here to study and don't fall in love with someone. Make a confession otherwise I will blow your head."

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