Damian's rose

Chapter 2: 2) Rose.


It was a dark night, everything was silent, everyone was in deep slumber when she unlocked the window and jumped inside without making any noise not before taking care of the cctv cameras, standing near the bed she looked at the man sleeping peacefully in his luxurious bed, his bare chest was rising up and down .

She took in her surroundings no one was present there except for her and her prey.

She took out a dagger from her waistband and sliced his throat without any hesitation or emotions in her eyes. Her grey eyes were totally cold like warmness never existed in them. That man didn't even got a chance to do anything as she killed him in his sleep, she wiped her dagger with his white bedsheet which was now covered in his blood. She kept the dagger back in its place and looked outside the window where two guards were patrolling the house afterall the man she killed was a famous politician, she was one of the best fighter and Assassin of Renzo and killing politician was a risky job so he gave this responsibility to her, he knew that she will do it perfectly.

She jumped out of the window, his bedroom was on the first floor so it was not a big deal for her to jump from there. She landed on the ground just like feather falling from the tree. She saw guards in the garden area so she hide in the dark. Her black clothes and mask were helping her to get mixed in darkness of the chilly night. She carefully walked towards the big wall which separates the house from the road, climbing on the tree she again jumped from there landing safety and silently on the empty road. No one saw her not even their dogs who were guarding the house. No one realised that the person they are protecting already got killed by this heartless Assassin. She came and killed him like shadow coming from the dark and again disappeared in the dark.

Successfully escaping from there she came back to her dom, she hopped under the shower, washing her black shoulder length hair she cleaned all the dirt from her body. She looked at her naked reflection in the mirror, her wet locks were clinging on her neck and shoulders, her cold grey orbs and fit body like God carved each and every curve of her body carefully, her milky white skin has some scars that she got while tranning but she never paid attention to them neither she cared about her beauty, all she did was practiced day and night to make herself the best fighter of this agency.

Renzo the chief of her agency, a man in his fifties, strict and expert in martial arts, he runs this tranning school, basically he adopts orphan children and trains them to become Assassin's. Since childhood he taught them to be emotionless and cold hearted, he raised them with strict rules and discipline to make them perfect for their masters or whoever buys them as bodyguards or for Assassination and he did the same with 'Rose' his favourite student.

He adopted rose when she was 5 years old and gave her the intense training to become an Assassin. And she did great, he perfectly moulded her into strong perfect fighter in martial arts, disciplined and cold hearted.

He classified his fighters into Classes.

Class c contains a fighters who are getting trained to become Assassin's.

Class B contains fighters who are good with their fighting skills and mostly got hired for Assassination or bodyguards positions, Ashton belonged to this class.

And class A was group which contains fighters who has gone through intense martial arts trainings and perfect in every skills like sword fighting, archery, shooting and martial arts. Class A fighters are unbreakable and only few from his agency succeeded to became class A.

He only has 5 Class A fighters and Rose was one of them, she was the only girl who made it there with highest rank only at the age of 23. Even if she was a girl she was the strongest in all of them even his male fighters stood no chance against her. When she became class A fighter Renzo realised that she is one of the strongest and instead of selling her to becomes someone's bodyguard or personal Assassin he kept her for himself and used her for contract killing.

Class A fighters also gives training to other class fighters as they hold the top positions in the school, everyone treats them with respect and admiration.


Rose woke up in the morning, doing her morning business she wore her training clothes, whenever she is not doing any job Renzo ordered her to coach other students.

She came to the training hall where all her students were standing in line with discipline.

Everyone was silent as they knew Rose likes everything in discipline and with perfection.

She started their training and one student came running towards the hall hurriedly, he saw Rose already started the training and knew he will get punished for being late.

Rose looked at between him and the big clock which was hanging on the wall. He was 5 minutes late..

He stood in front of her and greeted her with respect by bowing in front of her. She bowed back with respect and stood in front of him crossing her arms behind her back. While all other students kept doing their respective tasks.

" You are late..."

She said in strict voice...

"I apologise senior Rose..."

He replied in monotone...

"Do Hundred rounds of the campus  and then join the training session it's your punishment..."