Jessie nodded and shook her head, "There was surprise but no joy."

Lorenzo was amused by her distinctive reply, making him laugh out loud, and it took a while before he stopped, "Jessie, you're really cute."

The corner of Jessie's mouth twitched, "Well ...... Mr. Hayes, why did you suddenly come to my home?"

This person called her by the name of Jessie as if they knew each other well.

But they were strangers who had only met once.

"Mr. Hayes?" Before Lorenzo could say anything, Jessie’s mother glared at Jessie unhappily, "Have you really forgotten that this is Lorenzo?"

"I know his name is Lorenzo, but why say I forgot?" Jessie was full of confusion.

When Jessie’s mother couldn't help but sigh, "You girl, you really have a poor memory."

"It's not Jessie's fault, after all, we were separated for twenty years, she was still young at that time, it's normal for her not to remember me." Lorenzo smiled, then approached Jessie and extended his hand towards her, "Jessie, after twenty years, we are finally reunited, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lorenzo. Twenty years ago, I was your neighbor."

"Twenty years ago, Lorenzo ......" Jessie whispered, and slowly, some memory fragments came towards her mind.

Her mouth opened wide in surprise and she pointed at Lorenzo, "You ...... Lorenzo!"

"Remember now?" A hint of joy flashed in Lorenzo's eyes.

Jessie nodded repeatedly, "I remember, we used to be best friends when we were kids, I used to follow you around, but you moved away with your parents when you were ten. Lorenzo, how did you become so tall and handsome? Obviously you were still a little chubby when you were a kid."

She reached out her hand and grabbed both of Lorenzo's arms and kept measuring them, her face full of excitement and surprise.

Lorenzo pretended to laugh bitterly, "Hey, hey, you don't remember anything, but you do remember exactly how fat I looked when I was a kid, right?"

Jessie laughed heatedly, "Sorry, Lorenzo, I am just too excited, don't be angry."