Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 695 Early to Bed

These words caused Stanley to fall silent for an instant, and only after a few seconds did he rub her hair and apologize, "I know, I'll try not to go out at night in the future and not let you worry about it."

"That's more like it." Violet smiled, and then poured him a cup of water, "This is ginger juice, drink some, I had Bella cook it shortly after you went out, it's been kept in a thermos, it's still hot, it's cold outside, drink it to drive away the cold."

"Okay." Stanley reached out and took the ginger juice.

In fact, he didn't like the taste of these things, but it was something she had prepared for him, so naturally he wouldn't refuse.

"By the way, how is Dr. Baxter doing?" Violet sat beside Stanley and suddenly asked.

Stanley narrowed his eyes and replied with a sneer, "He wants to die."

"What?" Violet frowned, "He still loves Ivy a lot, did you persuade him?"

"I've asked his parents to rush over there, if his parents have advised and he still won't listen, then let him be." Stanley finished his ginger juice and put the cup on the coffee table, then got up and walked towards the bathroom.

Violet looked at the empty cup and sighed.

She really didn't expect Henry to love Ivy this much.

She had always known that Henry loved Ivy, but had no idea that his infatuation was more serious than she had imagined.

Thanks to that, when she heard Henry tell Ivy that he would never love her again and that he would never see her again, she thought that Henry had finally given up.

After all, when Henry had let Ivy go, and said that he would never love Ivy again, she felt that Henry had come out of his obsession and quite admired him.

Yet now Henry had directly knocked back her senses of him.

She had seen such a man before, but it was the first time she had seen one so infatuated and outrageous.

But this proved that Henry really loved Ivy.

But Ivy did not cherish it.

Of course, even if Ivy cherished it, Ivy and Henry still wouldn't be together because Ivy had engineered the murder of Stanley's parents at the age of ten.