Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 683 True Face of George

Only then did Violet and Stanley walk over to the bed and look down at her in a condescending manner.

"That hurt just now, didn't it?" Violet spoke.

Ivy rolled her eyes and met her gaze.

In those eyes, there was hatred written all over them, as if they wanted to tear Violet to pieces.

Stanley narrowed his eyes, ready to let Fraser go up and teach Ivy a lesson.

Violet stopped it, "No, she has survived the pain of her broken legs, a little lesson doesn't mean anything to her, besides, what can she do if she hates me? She's an invalid, she can't even stand up, what else can she do to me?"

Stanley raised his eyebrows, and then snorted, "That's true."

"You ...... You, bitches, all of you!" Ivy cursed as her face twisted.

Fraser frowned, angry, went straight up and slapped her, "Watch your mouth!"

Ivy's face was immediately knocked to the side, her already pale face now flushed red because of Fraser's slap, giving her white as a ghost face a hint of blood.

Violet hooked her lips and looked at her coldly, "The slap hurts, doesn't it? The legs also hurt, right? Good, my son and daughter hurt like that before."

Ivy squeezed her palms in a death grip and didn't say anything.

She was afraid that if she opened her mouth again, she wouldn't be able to resist the urge to curse again and then get another slap thrown at her.

Violet sucked in a breath, "Ivy, I know you hate me, because my appearance made you and Stanley become impossible. You can come to me, I am willing to fight with you, but you should not do anything to my two children. You first kidnapped my son, caused my son in a car accident, almost died, after that you injured my daughter, so ...... "

"I admit that I hurt your daughter, but I didn't kidnap your son!" Ivy turned her head violently and looked at Violet with indignation.