Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 677 The Return of Fraser

George's throat twitched slightly, "I know."

At that time, all the relatives of the Joe family cut off relations with them unilaterally.

The family, who wanted to go to their relatives, could not do so because they were afraid of being dragged into the family's troubles, so they closed their doors and did not see them.

Some of their relatives, even, wanted to capture them directly and give them to that organization, trying to see if they could get some bounty in return.

If his parents hadn't fought so hard to fight off those relatives, the family really would have been executed by those relatives, given to the organization.

It was indeed with the help of Jessie’s parents that his family managed to survive the organization’s search for some time.

"Since you know, you should think clearly, even though Jessie’s parents are at fault, they are absolutely justifiable. That two ordinary people play a big organization around is impossible, and have you ever thought that with your parents dead, maybe besides you, Jessie’s parents are also the most devastated? How would they feel in their hearts knowing that they were the ones who accidentally killed their friends?"

George's thin lips were pursed tightly and he did not speak.

Violet took a deep breath, "I'll tell you what, they will blame themselves, they will feel guilty, they will be unable to forgive themselves for the rest of their lives. You haven't seen Jessie’s parents for over ten years, right? Do you know what it was like when I first saw them? Their hair was all gray, their faces were full of wrinkles, they were only fifty-two this year, but they looked like they were seventy, so much older than their peers, and you know what caused it, it was guilt all these years."

At first, she was just curious about Jessie’s parents why they were so much older than their peers and asked why, but Jessie’s parents refused to say.

It was only after Jessie told her later about Jessie’s parents' feud with George that she learned the reason why Jessie’s parents were so pale.

So she really felt heartbroken.

George's pupils shrank when he heard Violet say that Jessie’s parents looked much older than their peers.

This is something that he really does not know.

For it was true that he had not seen the couple for over ten years, nor did he want to.

So it is not known what they have become.

"George, I'm telling you all this because I want to tell you that Jessie’s parents were justified, but more importantly, I hope you won't keep living in your past hatred, the ones you should really hate are the murderers, not Jessie’s parents, do you understand? And I believe that if your parents could come back to life, they would never blame Jessie’s parents, because everyone can figure it out, and you can't really blame Jessie’s parents too much for this matter, it's you who are too paranoid and obsessed, George, I hope you think about it."