Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 676 Lorenzo Hayes

The hand of George's white coat squeezed tightly that the bruises on the back of his hand blossomed out, thus showing how angry he was inside at the moment.

Soon, however, he released his hand again, closed his eyes, adjusted his mood and lifted his feet into the lift.

On the other side, the man led Jessie to the roadside.

Jessie took out the car keys from her bag and pressed them.

The car rattled twice, meaning the lock had been opened, and Jessie bowed towards the man, "Sir, thank you for giving me a lift here, otherwise I might have gotten all wet."

"No worries." The man smiled gently.

Jessie suddenly thought of something and looked at the man and asked, "By the way sir, it's been so long, I haven't asked your name yet, my name is Jessie Robinson."

"Jessie, good name." The man read her name once, then complimented.

Jessie smiled blushingly, "It was my father who gave me the name, at first he thought for a long time to give me a different name, but couldn't come up with the right one, just at that time the actor on TV read out the name and he gave it to me."

"So, your father was a very sweet man." The man laughed lightly.

Jessie ruffled the hair around her ears, "Yes, my parents are both lovely, but sir, you haven't told me what your name is yet."

"Sorry, sorry, my name is Lorenzo Hayes." The man introduced himself.

Jessie also recited the name once, "I'll take note of it, then Mr. Hayes I'll take my leave, I'll see you later as fate would have it."

"Okay, bye!" Lorenzo nodded.

Jessie pulled open the driver's door and got in, then started the car and left.

Lorenzo stood in place with his umbrella, just watching her car go away until it was out of sight, before walking in the other direction.

On the way, Lorenzo's mobile phone rang.