Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 672 The Crumbling Jessie

Violet nodded, "Of course, but she hasn't been delivered yet, she shouldn't arrive until tomorrow."

When the cruise ship arrived at the pier, she and Stanley left first.

And Ivy and Helena remained on the cruise ship for Fraser to drive over when the time came.

"So, I guess this time, Ivy won't be bouncing around anymore." Jessie said.

Violet laughed, "If she can still bounce around, then Stanley and I can go kill ourselves without even being able to look at someone."

A few people talked and laughed, and soon it was afternoon.

Linda and Aimee said goodbye and left to meet again tomorrow.

Jessie had planned to leave as well, but was left alone by Violet.

Everyone knew that it was Violet who had something to say and wanted to talk to Jessie alone.

"Bella, carry Arya away as well." Violet handed Arya to Bella.

Bella nodded and picked up Arya and went upstairs.

Arya was also understanding and didn't cry to stay, obediently following Bella and leaving.

Violet and Jessie were the only two people left in the living room.

Jessie looked at her, her mouth opened, "Violet, do you have something very important to tell me?"

Violet nodded, took out a photo from her bag and gave it to Jessie.

Jessie took it suspiciously and stared at the photo for a while, seeing that the photo was of an old man with tattoos all over his face, confusion was written all over her face, "This ...... What does this mean?"

"The person in this photo is the one who killed George's parents." Violet pointed to the photo.