Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 671 Welcome Home

Neither Violet nor Stanley knew they were in the news, and were already ten thousand meters up in the air at this moment.

Three hours later, the plane was parked directly on the tarmac at their house.

The hatch opened and Stanley went down first.

When he went down, he extended his hand towards Violet on the plane, "I'll help you, be careful."

Violet watched the man's thoughtful actions and smiled before putting her hand on it.

As soon as the man took hold of her hand, with one force of his arm, he brought her down from the plane.

Violet fell into Stanley's arms.

Stanley wrapped his arms around her and then set her on the floor, "There."

After Violet landed, her eyes instantly reddened as she looked at the familiar house in front of her.

She was finally back, back to Stanley, and her three children.

During the time she was locked up by Ivan, she woke up in her dreams countless times, fearing that she would really be locked up on the island for the rest of her life, never to return here again.

But she didn't expect, so soon, that she'd come back.

"Mommy." Just when Violet was feeling emotional, from behind them came the excited shouts of two children.

Violet turned around in a hurry and saw the two children running towards her.

And behind the two children, Jessie, Linda, and Aimee were coming quickly this way.

"Mommy!" The two children came to Violet and were lunging directly at her, each hugging one of her thighs.

"Mommy, you're finally back, I missed you so much." Arya rubbed against Violet's lap and cried straight away.

Although Calvin didn't cry, he also had tears in his eyes and nodded his head repeatedly, "That's right, mommy, I miss you so much too."

Violet looked at the two children, and her heart was quite upset.