Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 661 George's Enemies

This voice ......

Violet jerked her head around to see Ivan leaning against the doorway of the dinning room, smiling at her.

Violet squeezed her palms, and then stood up, "You're back?"

"I'm back." Ivan walked towards her with a step, "Violet, you know what? This 'you're back' of yours really makes me happy, do you think it's like what a wife says to her husband who has come home?"

Hearing these words, Violet's brow furrowed and her heart recoiled a little.

But it didn't show on her face as she said lightly, "Sorry, I don't feel like it!"

Ivan laughed and didn't get angry, then pulled out the chair next to her and sat down.

After sitting down, he patted Violet's chair, "Sit down, aren't you eating breakfast? There's still so much left to eat, keep eating."

He said as he looked at the plate in front of Violet.

Violet pursed her red lips, wanting to say that she didn’t even have an appetite to eat since he was back.

But it was something she knew not to say.

Taking a deep breath, Violet suppressed the discomfort inside her and sat back with her eyes downcast.

Ivan called out in the direction of the kitchen, "Helena, serve me breakfast."

"You hadn’t had food?" Violet twisted her head to look at him.

Ivan laughed out, "Violet, are you concerned about me?"

Violet wrinkled her brow, "Not really."

The man was really cheeky, thinking it was a sign of concern and care for him.

Obviously she didn't mean it at all.