Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 660 Violet's Location

Meanwhile, on the cruise ship.

Stanley looked at the dark phone screen, having watched it for a long time, from the moment the video hung up, until now.

Fraser knew that this was Mr. Murphy recalling the call he had just had with his wife.

But even if it's more reminiscent, it's time to interrupt him.

“Mr. Murphy, shall we take back the search teams that were sent out?" Fraser asked.

Now that Mrs. Murphy had made contact, those search parties, naturally, had no need to search those islands.

Might as well call them and attack Ivan's island together, wouldn't the odds of rescuing Mrs. Murphy be much higher that way?

Stanley nodded slightly, "Okay, but you don't have to go straight back to the cruise ship, have them wait in the Misty Zone."

Ivan's plane disappeared into the Misty Zone several times, that means Ivan's island must be in the sea behind the Misty Zone.

"Okay, so Calvin ......"

"I'll contact Calvin." Stanley said, already calling Calvin.

Seeing this, Fraser naturally said nothing more and went out to make arrangements.

Thousands of miles away at the Concert Nation Hotel, Calvin received a call from Stanley.

Hearing what Stanley said, Calvin stood up from the sofa at once, "What? Mommy got in touch?"

Next to him, Jessie, Linda and Aimee, who were responsible for taking care of looking after Calvin, heard this and hurriedly stared at his phone.

"Calvin, are you saying that Violet was found?" Jessie asked happily.

Calvin shook his head, "No, Mommy hasn't been found yet, but Mommy has contacted Daddy, and Daddy is now asking me to locate the phone Mommy was using, so that way we can find Mommy."

"Great!" Linda and Aimee looked at each other and gave each other a high five.

Calvin hurriedly asked a few more questions to Stanley on the phone.

After asking, he hung up the phone and hurriedly sat down at his computer and began his work.