Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 652 Violet's Threat

He had only been watching her struggle and found it amusing to tease her, not intending to actually do anything to her.

After all, she was already with him, and he had plenty of time to win her heart.

But she didn't expect her to make a direct move on him!

Ivan raised his hand and exhibited the blood on his hand to Violet, gesturing for her to see it, "Violet, you're the first woman who dared to hit me!"

Violet's face turned pale, "You're going to do something to me, why can't I hit you, you deserve it!"

Ivan's eyes narrowed, "I deserve it, in that case, then why do I have to put up with it? Why not just fuck you, otherwise how can I afford the wound on my head!"

After saying that, he sneered and let his hand down from his head, letting the blood on his head fall down, and walked towards Violet with an evil smile.

Violet's heart contracted violently, backing up to the side as she glanced around to see what other weapons were available.

She saw a fruit tray on the coffee table with a tiny fruit knife on it.

Seeing the fruit knife, as if she saw the straw that saved her life, she ran over and picked it up with one hand, then held it with both hands, the tip of the knife towards Ivan, "Don't come over, if you come over, I will hurt you!"

Looking at Violet's hand that was holding the knife but trembling, Ivan disdainfully hooked his lips, "Baby, look at your hand shaking like this, can you really lay a hand on me?"

"......" Violet's mouth dropped open, unable to speak.

Of course she couldn't.

She's never even killed a chicken, let alone stabbed a person.

She did so in the hope of forcing back Ivan, so that Ivan wouldn't dare to approach her.

But he wasn't afraid of the knife in her hand, instead he continued to walk towards her.

When Violet saw that he didn't hide, her hands shook even more, "Don't come over, Ivan, I told you not to come over, can't you hear me?"

"Can't hear you, and I want to see if you'll kill me or not." Ivan smiled and moved on.

Violet's face turned white.