Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 123 Don’t You Want to Take Revenge?

Jasper opened his eyes to see who spent last night with him.

But he was stunned when he saw the woman beside him.

“Why are you here?”

Jasper asked in a cold voice.

Seeing Jasper woke up, Jennifer cried in grievance.

“It’s you… you hurt me… I … I have to tell my mom and dad … you ruined me. You have to take the responsibility…”

Jennifer cried. And then she opened the door and ran out of the room.

Jasper was after her. He wanted to ask what she meant by that.

But he didn’t get dressed. As soon as he went out, Jason’s parents saw them being disheveled.

Jason’s parents were shocked. They wondered what was going on.

The Murphy family, the Holland family, and the Johnson family were all in a mess.

It was getting light.

There was still no news of Robert and Georgia.

Aston and Emilia left after they met Mr. Murphy last night. Aston did not know what happened to the Murphy family yet.

The next day, Aston went to work and found that Georgia was absent. Benjamin asked him to have a private talk in his office. Until then, Aston knew about the accident.

Georgia and Robert were kidnapped last night and still missing now.

“If you can, use your connections to help them find Georgia. It’s urgent.”

Aston wouldn’t refuse. It was a life-and-death matter. He wouldn’t turn down at this time.

“I will ask my sister and my families to look into it.”

But Aston and Benjamin knew that the Powell family’s power was mainly in America. So there was not so much Aston could do.

Under this circumstance, anyone’s help mattered. So, everyone helped find Robert together.

Georgia woke up and found her whole body was tied up.

She looked around and found herself was locked in a huge room.

To her surprise, Robert was tied up, too.

What happened? Georgia wanted to speak, but her mouth was sealed with tape.

She looked at Robert and found his mouth was also sealed with tape. And he hadn’t woken up.

What happened? Georgia was scared. She had a stomachache and felt hungry. Thinking of her unborn child, Georgia felt very worried.

was likely to lead to

she had been tied up. She didn’t

not say it out for her mouth

not move with her hands and legs all tied up. There was no one around,

the door

She didn’t

you’re awake. Are you hungry? I’ll take you to eat …

the woman took her neither as a criminal, nor


smiled at

take you to

had no idea what this woman

Kayden removed Georgia’s tape. Georgia wanted to cry for

help. This is a quiet island. It’s brought by my master. No

She was

a short distance. It seemed that Kayden was right. It was a quiet

this island

nearby. Georgia’s hands were still tied up. When they walked into the villa, Kayden untied

had been placed on the table in the living

can eat now. And you can relax

was on other’s turf. Georgia walked to the table. She had

clear that she


lowered her head

force herself to eat. She chewed her meal slowly and took

knew she still had anorexia. She could only take in every

she felt like vomiting. She asked Kayden

to go

took Georgia to the bathroom. Georgia could not help but spat out half

on Georgia’s

Kayden, are

could not help but gave a bitter smile. Now she had finished her meal

tie me

have to witness some things. At that time, we had to pretend to kidnap both of you,

understand. Kayden

two were kidnapped. But if you were safe, they

Georgia still didn’t understand.

And why did you

had nothing valuable, except for

research findings seemed to be

you … but Robert is his enemy. My master kidnapped Robert and brought him here

felt a bit worried at hearing

fact, she shouldn’t

lately. He helped her a lot. She

face told her thoughts. Kayden

how the Simpson family tortured you? Don’t you forget the reason why your daughter fainted? All your sufferings were caused by the Simpson family. And now you feel pity for

what to say.

I’ll take you to

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