Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 121 Walls Had Ears

Putting on a sullen face, Emma and Owen were thinking who did it tonight.

As for Eden, originally, he wanted to see the dilemma of Jasper and Selena, but because of Robert’s disappearance, the party of the Murphy family was ended ahead of time, so he went back home with Flora. Eden was unhappy for missing the embarrassing story of them.

But Eden was quite pleased with himself. He believed that Jasper and Selena could not be close siblings after everything they had been through.

What’s more, he still had Selena’s sex photos.

He had many chances to threaten Selena and made her feel humiliated. Thinking of this, Eden was in a good mood and started to play computer games.

Flora was relieved when she saw Eden behave well lately and stay at home, playing games and watching movies.

At the Murphy’s, Robert’s mother, Maisie had arrived.

She did not attend Mr. Murphy’s birthday party. Robert attended the party on behalf of the Simpson family. Maisie never thought that such an accident could happen.

After being told what happened, Maisie asked Mr. Murphy.

“Mr. Murphy, how much do you know about it? Have you found out who did this?”

Maisie was anxious. She had lost a daughter. She felt she would go mad if she lost her only son.

She went over the people with a grudge against the Simpson family, but she could not find a clue at all.

For a powerful family with big business like the Simpson family, they always got a lot of enemies. It was hard for Maisie to figure out who was the criminal.

Mr. Murphy felt terribly sorry for Maisie.

“It’s my family’s fault. We didn’t expect so many things could happen. I have sent my men to investigate closely. Don’t worry. We will find out the truth!”

Jason’s father, Jordan also promised Maisie.

“Mrs. Simpson. Don’t worry. We will try our best to save Robert.”

Jason’s mother, Molly Lewis stood by Maisie, feeling very sorry. She was a mother, so she knew clearly how hurt parents were when their child was in danger.

“Mrs. Simpson, I’m sorry…”

Everyone knew they should say something nice in such a situation. And Maisie could not make Mr. Murphy lose face.

Promises were useless. Now Robert had been missing. And Maisie could only rely on her connections to find out where Robert was.

Maisie brought Robert’s assistant over and asked him.

“Does your boss have any protection for an emergency?”

“Ma'am, Mr. Simpson only ranged the alarm on his wrist. But we followed the sign and found that his watch was dropped in downtown. It seems that the kidnapper knows Mr. Simpson has a watch with a GPS tracker. Now we have no idea where Mr. Simpson is.”

Maisie banged hard on the desk in anger.

“You shits. You can’t even find your own boss. What are you doing here? Go and find him! Don’t tell me you have no other ways to find him except for the GPS tracker.”

After she scolded Robert’s bodyguard team, Maisie swallowed her pride and called all her relatives and friends and asked them for help.

The branches of the Simpson family must have come to her villa to ask what happened. And the company must be in a mess now.

Maisie kept telling herself to stay calm, but she had too many things to deal with.

Maisie didn’t go home right away, instead, she came to the hospital.

She went to Emma’s room.

The Murphy family said that when Robert was taken away, Emma was there and fainted at the scene.

Maisie had to ask Emma what happened at that time.

why are you

surprised when she saw

happened tonight? Tell

knew this was her

definitely put Georgia in

“Auntie, it’s Georgia’s fault!”

Robert was missing together with Georgia. She was

words, Maisie’s

what exactly was going

I saw a woman come to Robert. And then Robert followed the woman to the backyard. I quietly

wine in her hand. At first, Robert was unwilling to do so. But the woman put a knife on Georgia’s neck and threatened Robert. If Robert did not drink the wine, she would kill Georgia. Then Robert did as she told and passed out.

that Robert would care so much for Georgia. He would rather be in danger than watch Georgia being hurt … Auntie, I’m not good

sad and started to cry.

heart-ached with

again! Was Georgia here to kill

Georgia was a curse!

this curse marry Robert. Even though she did not like Emma that much, she would rather Robert marry

allow Robert

engagement! Just take a rest

Maisie left the hospital with a sullen

butler of the

from the company and the Simpson family have

branches of the Simpson family only cared for their own

They came for nothing but power and

filled with anger, Maisie called

taken away from the party of the Murphy family at

was the middle of the night. Ivan asked some women to be with

Ivan did not feel happy. He was getting depressed and nearly

rang but

want to get in

times, but Ivan didn’t pick up the phone. She could only ask her driver to drive back home

Elliot was calling Jasper

suddenly, and the Holland family was in a good relationship with the Simpson family, so they would like to help the

she found that Jasper and Selena hadn’t come

them but no one answered, which made her

can’t get

Charles Holland

of them. Is there something wrong

worriedly. Charles

time when Robert was just

Murphy’s. Give a call to the Murphy

Charles suggested, Elliot called

checking the surveillance video in the Murphy’s. He took a look at the ringing phone and found

things happened tonight. And

worried for the disappearance of

picked up the phone and


Elliot asked directly.

Jasper? Is he being with you? And what

could feel Elliot’s panic in her voice. He answered

Don’t worry. And Selena seems

safe, Elliot

me what’s going

Jason hurriedly comforted her.

Murphy’s. It’s an accident! Auntie, it’s my fault. I should have told you about their situation, but Robert is missing

got it. It’s not your fault. Tell Jasper to come back home early when he wakes up. As for Selena, you

Elliot hanged up.

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