Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 116 Party At The Murphy (II)

A few people were watching, it wasn’t like a fight between shrews but there were mocking each other sarcastically.

Did they know each other? Georgia thought.

It had been years since Ivan last saw Emilia, seeing her reminded him how he’d been fooled by her, Ivan said sarcastically.

“Emilia Powell, it’s been six years and you are still always surrounded by men. He is your new gold-digging target? What number is he?”

Ivan thought Aston, the man beside Emilia was her new boyfriend, his resentment towards Emilia who fooled and dumped him years ago had never lessened.

He had been looking for Emilia all these years but to no avail, he was not happy.

Emilia left him for money, he was not poor and he gave his heart to this woman, but she fooled him, which made him hate her.

But this woman disappeared for six years, he could only keep his hatred in his heart and it became heavier in times.

He could never have thought that he would bump into this woman again at such a party.

Furthermore, there was a handsome young man beside her, they seemed close and this made Ivan even angrier.

His words were humiliating, Emilia was his sister, how dare this man humiliated her this way, Aston was angry.

When Aston tried to defend her, Emilia grabbed his arm tightly and smiled at Ivan.

“Ivan Simpson, it’s been years and you are still compulsive and ignorant, what did you mean by target? He is my husband, we are married and I am rich now. I am a gold digger and like rich man, so what? Are you jealous?

Ivan’s face stiffened, it disgusted him how reckless the woman before him behaved.

They met in a bar, she was dancing sexily in front of a crowd of men, her dance was seductive, Ivan was fascinated at that time.

She approached and seduced him, he thought she was nothing but a bar lady of some sort, so he played along.

They were together for over a month on the romantic Hawaii Island, every day was full of passion and sweetness.

Without reason, Ivan fell for this woman, he wanted to have a serious relationship with her despite knowing that she was a bar lady.

Ivan thought he was rich enough to make her quit her job as a bar lady.

But when Ivan confessed his love to her, she mocked and claimed that he was not rich enough, he was angry the whole night.

She disappeared the next morning and left him a note that she wanted to look for a rich man.

Ivan kept investigating and rumours said that she did find a richer man after him.

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stop himself from humiliating her but she said she

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got married? Do you even

Aston coldly

Aren’t you afraid that she might murder you and use your money on her

when she grabbed his arm, she was teasing the man in front of them and

wife’s ex-boyfriend, your break up meant you are not suitable for her and if Emilia married me for my money, it means I am richer than you, that’s why she chose me. Why keep a grudge

raised his fist to punch Aston hearing his words.

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Lane, please keep the secret for us, don’t

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the professor

Emilia nodded.

right, we should do

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walked towards Georgia and

are quite friendly, I’m Emilia Powell, are you my

shook her

your brother

Emilia nodded.

looked at other

“We are colleagues, but there was an incident during work where a broken lamp fell from the ceiling, I pushed your brother aside and sort of saved him.”

with a smile, while Emilia nodded.

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when Aston

Professor Lee, rest assure, no one will reveal

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