Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 115 Banquet of the Murphy family (1)

Emma also heard their conversation, she stared at the oncoming car nervously.

All the members of the Lane family stood outside, they did not enter the Murphy family’s villa. Everyone stared at the Bugatti Veyron, they wanted to know who was the owner of it.

Meanwhile, Ivan sat at the back seat of the car. He tidied his clothes and be ready to get down the car.

Ben spoke to his boss.

“Boss, my ex-girlfriend meets a rich guy and teases me for being poor. Can I drive your car to show off in front of her?”

Ivan laughed.

“You have fought with her present boyfriend, right? Haven’t you settled the matter?”

Ben showed an embarrassed expression.

“Boss, I am a vulgar man. I want to show off by using this car, I want to see my ex-girlfriend’s regretful pattern. She is vain, she is complacent that she has met a rich guy. I want to see her shocking expression.”

Ivan did not mind his request.

“Just go, don’t forget to drive the car back tomorrow. I want to go out tomorrow.”

Ben nodded excitedly.

“Thank you, boss.”

After Ben said that, Ivan laughed and got down the car.

After that, Ben drove the car away.

Since Ivan got down the car, the Lane family kept looking at him.

In fact, Ivan was the owner of the car. However, the model was limited to five worldwide. His car might not be the limited model.

However, the Lane family kept focusing on Ivan.

When Ivan wanted to walk in, he found the Lane family staring at him. Ivan knew the master and mistress of the Lane family, so he approached them and smiled politely.

“Uncle Lane, Aunt Lane, Ms Lane and Mr Lane, don’t you want to get in?”

Pertaining to the evidence given by Selena, before the accident occurred in the past, Eden had tried to catch up with Wendy.

Ivan went overseas to undergo the operation recently, he did not know about that.

So, Ivan maintained his polite manner and treated the Lane family as his sadun.

Emma smiled elegantly.

“We just get down the car, we will enter soon.”

After saying that, Owen and Flora smiled at Ivan politely.

“What a destiny to meet Mr. Simpson here.”

Owen smiled and spoke, Eden could not control himself and started the conversation.

“Mr. Simpson, I saw the car where you was in just now, it is a convertible Bugatti Veyron. I remember that there are only five in the world, is it?”

Ivan did not feel weird about his question. Men loved cars, especially the convertible type of sports car, it was even limited edition. He nodded.

“You’re right, there are only five in the world, one of them is mine. I saved a rich man in the Middle East in the past, he gave me this car as the token of appreciation.”

Eden nodded excitedly, he asked again.

this car? I remember that this

car was already in my garage seven

answered, he could feel that Eden was interested in his car.


Eden was exhilarated.

could search for the car recorder in the

should not ask this

is a deal. If there’s any opportunity ahead, let me experience the

boy. Ivan did not

the banquet hall,

the corner, they looked

Ivan. Then we ask him about the condition of the car and ask him about the car recorder six years ago. We better investigate whether the car recorder still exists or

complimented his brother, Owen

troublesome people. If you fight with others, he must have

he thought of his plan

whether there was any recorded video in Ivan’s convertible

jail. Eden did not want

as he did it secretively, no one would

Don’t worry, dad, sister. I will not

meet Ivan with his car.

car might be driven by Ivan six years ago. Everything could be solved by checking the

good mood. Georgia and Professor Lee had arrived

the banquet by the

There was a tall woman with a short


you going to attend the banquet? Why don’t you tell me about

Professor Lee said that, Aston turned around along with the woman who

was pretty, Georgia did not know why she looked familiar but could not think of where

few seconds, Aston walked towards them along with

“Professor, Georgia.”


is my cousin, Emilia. Emilia, he is Professor Lee, she is Georgia, we are colleagues who work


I am Aston’s

They introduced themselves.

Aston asked Professor Lee.

why you and Georgia will attend the banquet of the Murphy family? Is it because there is any activity involving

on leave, no one knew

the team had organized

Professor Lee answered Aston.

bring Georgia to meet him and

did not ask what were Professor Lee and

Lee asked

kid? You don’t go to work for a few days,

shook his

people to help me but they do not hear from the kid at

but she could feel that

that, Professor Lee

It is just a small kid and has gone lost for a long time. It

saying that, Aston and Emilia showed

After that, Emilia sighed.

to attend

Aston nodded. He spoke to Emilia who

Then, try to meet the master

while Georgia and

entering the banquet hall, Georgia found a man grabbing her hand. She turned around,

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