Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Chapter 1024: I’ll Cure You for Sure

Armand wondered if he had spoken something wrong.

He looked confused.

“Did I say something wrong?” he asked Matthew while looking at him.

Dolores also looked over at Matthew. Obviously, she could feel that Matthew purposely interrupted Armand.

Matthew cast an indifferent glance at Armand. “You are getting aged. Have you become as oversensitive as a woman?”

Armand choked up.

He found that no matter what he said, Matthew would retort him. He shushed.

Dolores was also speechless.

She wasn’t happy about his remark about a woman being oversensitive

She wondered if she should also stop speaking as well. Otherwise, Matthew would remark her being oversensitive.

After entering the room, Dolores couldn't help but ask, "Did you remark Armand or me just now?"

Matthew couldn’t utter a beep.

Inwardly, he truly felt that Dolores had been oversensitive.

“Do you want to say that I’m oversensitive on this issue?” Dolores answered before he reacted. With a smile, she said, “All right. I might have been oversensitive. Let’s go to bed early. You’ll take an early flight tomorrow. You should have a good sleep.”

Dolores had a self-reflection and realized that she had been a bit oversensitive recently. Matthew and she had been together for whole life, she still suspected that he was hiding something from her. She didn't think it was appropriate.

“How long haven’t we separated?” She unbuttoned the buttons on his collar and cuffs considerately. Since Matthew left the company to the management team, he seldom wore business suits. Instead, he wore casual clothes. It was because of Joshua’s wedding, so he put on a suit again.

Dolores seriously unbuttoned his shirt. “Go to take a shower,” she said.

Matthew looked down at her. “Why do you treat me so well suddenly?”

She raised her brows. “Didn’t I treat you well before?”

“Of course.” Matthew grabbed her hands. “You’ve stripped me. Why don’t you help me bathe?”