"Mom, look at you. You made Amy cry. Amy, don't cry. Nobody looks pretty when crying." When Hilary saw that Amy was crying, she hurriedly wiped her tears.

"Don't worry. Hilary, I'm just so touched." For many years, she had to get through sorrows alone. Although her father loved her very much, he did not understand her at many times.

Now that Cathy cared so much about her, how could Amy not be touched?

"There, there. Poor girl. The food here is very delicious. Order whatever you like. It's my treat." Cathy gestured for the girls to eat.

The three women enjoyed the food happily. The food was really yummy.

"Amy, how's your work in HD Group? Is there anyone bullying you?" Cathy asked Amy with concerns.

Amy was about to drink tea when she heard the question. Too embarrassed to tell her the truth, she shook her head and said, "No, no one bullies me."

However, even though Amy denied, Cathy still felt that Amy was being bullied.

Amy was the wife of the HD Group's president. How could she be bullied in their own company? If others knew about it, they would turn into a terrible joke!

Although Cathy did not know why Richard kept his marriage as a secret, Amy was his wife and should be treated with respect since she had married him, .

work at HD Group so that Amy and you can take care of each other." Cathy knew that Amy said this because she didn’t want her to worry, so she

the person who has the final say. The day I met Amy, hardly had I started my work than I was kicked out." Hilary wanted to join HD Group, but her brother wouldn't let

care of it, but you must work hard and learn from Amy." Cathy was very worried about her daughter. Other than spending money, Hilary couldn't

needed to warn Amy. She made

has recently recruited some newbies. Be careful. Some of them

this moment, Amy raised her head.

very careful about her." Cathy got

surprised Amy. Why did Cathy know about Allison? And she was even reminding

good that someone cared about her. As to why, she

wiped her mouth. She was full. The food here was

ask more questions, Cathy liked her even more. Amy was

today. But it doesn't fit me well. It doesn't look good on Hilary, either. But maybe it does on you. Didn't you also call me mother once? I can't let you call me mother for nothing. I want to give it to you. I hope you like it." Cathy took out a red velvet box from

just met Cathy twice. Although she was very poor

words. She grabbed Amy's hand and opened the

emerald bracelet made Amy’s skin

and said, "Beautiful. It really fits you. From now on,

was carefree enough, but not as carefree as Cathy or Hilary. No

met and barely know each other. I called you mother that day because..." Amy tried to take off the jade bracelet. How could she take this

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