Contract Marriage With Mysterious President

Chapter 52 A Lady Wants to See You

"Richard, I want to work in your company. I have nothing to do after I came back. I feel bored to stay idle." Allison sat beside Richard.

"Work in my company? You can work in the Field Group, can't you? Why don't you help your brother with business?" Hearing that Allison wanted to work in his company, Richard instinctively rejected her.

"Richard, I can see you every day if I work in HD Group. Don't you want to see me?" Allison pursed her lips. Anyone would compromise just looking at her.

"I'll inform your brother. If I let you work in HD Group without his consent, I guess he will get angry." Richard looked at Allison, and his heart softened.

"He won't. I'll tell him. Richard, we had a deal. Just tell me when to start. My brother never says no to me." Realizing Richard agreed, Allison was very happy. She wanted to stay by Richard's side and would not let any other woman have an opportunity to get close to him.

Allison's office was settled in Richard's. She had replaced Amy. Of course, Amy didn't know about this. She was still recuperating at home.

Although the injury was severe, the medicine she used was the best. Therefore, it didn't take long for Amy's hands to recover.

"Mrs. Carter, it's time for breakfast." A servant had been arranged to feed Amy, but Amy refused. She managed to eat with only two fingers these days.

"Alright." She could have the gauze removed from her hands today. The doctor said that her hands had recovered.

After breakfast, Robin took Amy to the hospital and had the gauze removed. Her hands were even fairer and smoother than before.

Amy looked at her hands happily. It was like she had new hands. Excited, she intended to go downstairs to share her joy with Robin.

When she was waiting for the elevator, she observed her hands again. At this time, the doors of the elevator opened, and the two people inside came into her sight through the gaps between Amy's fingers.

was beautiful. They looked like a perfect

Miss Field," Amy greeted

little guilty. Although he did not show it on his

you doing?" When Allison saw Amy, she immediately walked to her warmly and grabbed Amy's

shocked. How could it be? Weren't her hands supposed to have ugly scars after being burned so badly? But now, Amy's hands were fair

gauze removed. I can come to work tomorrow. Thank you for the days off, Mr. Carter." Amy lowered

Richard and said with feigned sadness, "Richard, Amy is still angry

hypocrisy. However, clearly, Mr. Carter

Amy didn't want to see Allison anymore, so she entered the

quiet all the while. He did not know what to say. Looking at Amy's

bad mood. What was wrong with her? Why did she feel this way? Richard was a big shot and had nothing to do

Look, my hands are completely healed." Seeing Robin

of another

good." Robin was relieved. Richard had given him orders to take good care of Amy. If

my husband been ill recently?" Amy asked Robin in

husband. For a moment, he did not

good shape. He hardly gets sick." Robin was

hearing that her husband was not sick, Amy felt relieved, but she still had questions. He was busy?

is a lady who wants to invite you to have tea today. She came to the villa the other day. You met her, remember? I'm taking you there now." When waiting for Amy, Robin received a call

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