Amy bumped into someone around the corner, and she felt painful on her head. She rubbed her head and pushed the man slightly, but he didn’t move at all.

“What are you doing here? To get in my way?” Amy couldn’t help yelling at him. But when she found out who he was, she immediately said in a gentle and soft voice.

“Mr. Carter, it was my fault. Did you get hurt?” After saying, Amy pretended to check Richard.

“No, go back to the office now.”

‘Oh, she cares about me.’ Richard felt quite pleased with her care.

“No problem.” Amy followed Richard obediently, and they went back to the President Office on the 30th floor.

When Amy opened the door, there was a pretty lady with the long hair reading the newspaper.

“Miss. Miller, go and get a cup of tea for Allison.” Richard said to Amy.

‘So I am asked to be here and to serve his ex-girlfriend.’ But since she was paid by him, it was totally reasonable for her to serve the guests.

Amy went to the tea room and made some tea for Allison.

When Allison heard someone coming in, she looked up and saw a young girl. But she didn’t know why this young girl put heavy makeup and painted her own face white.

Allison also noticed that Richard had feelings for this young girl.

I need to do some work and then we can have lunch together. You must be tired after the long trip. So after lunch, I will drive you home to get some rest.” Richard had already made

gently, and she was a delicate young lady well-known

you.” Allison

it weren’t for Zoe’s call, Allison would have still thought confidently that Richard would be there for

to have feelings for another lady now. But she wouldn’t allow that because

cup of tea and gave it to Allison. Allison hated Amy in her mind, but she smiled

poured to Amy’s hands, and Amy didn’t see this coming, so her hands turning red immediately, burnt

so sorry. Oh, poor her. Look at her hands now. Did she get hurt?” Allison looked

screams, and he saw that the hot water was poured to Amy’s hands. Oh no, Amy

Amy’s red hands. She was about to

wanted to send her to hospital, but Allison was still here, so he ordered his assistant to

abroad, and it’s so nice of you to forgive me.” Allison leaned

she did not cry, and she knew that Allison poured the water to her deliberately. However, she couldn’t explain it because Richard would

needed to stay with Allison, but he was worried about Amy, so he asked Kevin to go to

you thinking?”

applying ointment to her hands, and she didn’t move at

not.” Amy looked at her hands, so red that they were

better. You have the best ointment here and your hands will get better than before.

treats his secretary quite nicely. He even asked me to look after her especially! Me! The handsome and rich guy in R City. Looking after a secretary now!’ Kevin

the name of your friend?” Kevin wanted to make friends with

do you want to know?” Amy

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