As Amy finished the translation, her shirt was dry. And it was end of the day.

“Mr. Carter. I need to wear my own shirt.” She changed her shirt and thought it better to wash his.

“Mr. Carter. Let me wash your shirt and give it back to you tomorrow,” said Amy.

Richard was staring at the hot Amy’s big boobs.

“Don’t bother. I got plenty of shirts. You can throw it away,” said Richard. He got a bit grumpy because of Amy. He wanted to get rid of this bad mood, for he would laugh at himself if he got used to her existence.

‘It was an expensive shirt. Now he wanted to throw it away. He must hate me.’ Amy decided to take it home to wash it anyway.

After Amy left, Richard felt so hollow. Why did he act like this? Was it because of Amy’s charm? Impossible.

Richard tried to calm down and forget about her body. He decided to stay at office from now on.

When Amy was back to her office, she found it strange that everyone was still at work, but it was time to knock off already. Why? As she walked in, everyone was studying her from head to toe.

on. She only knew it had been

Amy. Stay at boss’s office for the whole afternoon, huh?” said Zoe. The strong

me to translate the documents. I’ve been working at his office,” explained Amy. She was confused

at your age,”

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button up your clothes next time. Look at you!” Zoe pointed at

Amy felt so embarrassed.

out. What did he do to you?” Hannah walked through the crowd towards

like you wanna work overtime, right? Ok I will inform the HR to rearrange your

knew that if they didn’t work overtime as told, their salaries

leave. Soon, they left. Only Hannah and Amy

you?” asked Hannah as she already felt Amy

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