Clubrooms Diary

Chapter 25: Remove the trash



May 10th 2018


I watched as Layla rushed off towards her car looking like she wanted to murder the crap out of me. 

Not that I could blame her..... 

Now I have to find Chad and let him know that she won't be back at work for a few days. He's gonna be fucked off and I'm usually the one he likes to use as his verbal punching bag.

This time around I probably deserves it. Doesn't make it right on his behalf though, does it?

I just had to go ahead and open my big fucking mouth and tell Layla how I felt about Jimmy. It got me thinking yesterday when I saw him leave her room and I asked him if he was going to become a 'Layla Regular'. I joked about it and said... 

"You're a sick fuck, Jimmy. Even I wouldn't step that low and sleep with my brother's wife if he died." I snickered at his brazen activities. 

He didn't say anything. Instead, he furrowed his brows and stormed out of the club banging his head with his opened hands. I followed him out of the club, worried about his sudden outburst. 

"Hey... Hey Jimmy!" I called out to him before he hopped into his car. 

He looked at me and halted his actions. 

"What was that about?" I frowned at him. 

"What was what Lisa?" He glared at me as he slammed his door shut. 

I jumped. " I was only kidding."

like fucking Ryders wife?" His hands formed into fists at his

of getting back at him for the shame he brought upon your family? Tainting your bloodline." I questioned him

me bewildered by

shame for the sinister acts he

about him like you fucking knew him, Lisa." Veins visibly appeared on his forehead as his face turned

else would you call it?" I

I can't understand why your standing here defending

meant to do?" He banged his fist against the roof

took his life because of me." He started to bang his hand against his chest.

He stops himself from saying anything

you're the one?" My eyes search his

"It's nothing." 

lying." I

takes one


to wear boys pyjamas. At the time I thought maybe he was into guys altogether and it's why he would always want to take me from behind with a cap on. I didn't bother to question him because I loved him and I'd take him any way he would give himself to

to see Caddie rushing

would she bring her son

myself wondering what's going on in her

in front of Chad's face. He brought

as a sex worker." He tells chad and I can only assume he's talking about Mal.

to the corner of the room and

she here if she's not gonna be sucking dick?" Chad

or you'll soon find yourself out on the streets or


gasp. Before I could muffle the sound they all look in my direction.  And not

are you?"

"Lisa, I help

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