Chapter 203 | Should Choose to Escape

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For a moment, I even had the feeling that he would rush up and give Vincent a hard punch, and then pull me into his arms. But illusions were just illusions after all.

A smile quickly appeared on Aaron’s face. He stretched out his hand, pulled the woman into his arms, and put his arm around her waist. Then he raised his eyebrows slightly, looked at me, and then looked at Vincent.

He said, “Thank you, but I also would like to congratulate you. You got what you wanted!”

Vincent held my shoulder tightly and smiled very proudly, “Of course. Olive and I have been in love for so many years. There were some conflicts between us, but in the end, I am very grateful that she is willing to come back to me.”

The two of them were talking with subtle hostility on their faces. It was just that I couldn’t listen to them at all. All I could think of was the scene of Aaron accepting the blessing calmly just now. He was getting engaged! He was getting engaged!

At this moment, I was grateful that Vincent was holding me tightly in his arms because as soon as he let go, I would fall to the ground in embarrassment.

I felt like my whole body was limp as if I was having a nightmare, and I didn’t know when I would wake up from this nightmare.

At this time, other people also came forward one after another. They surrounded Aaron and the woman and shouted, asking them to kiss each other.

stood up. At the request of the crowd, he lowered his head, kissed her on the forehead, and said, “The rest is not for you to see. My girl

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Vincent wasn’t paying attention, I pushed him away and said, “Sorry, I have to go to

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shook the wine glass at me, “Why, aren’t you going to congratulate me? Ex-girlfriend!”

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almost couldn’t breathe, and he had to remind me over and over again that he no longer belonged to me. After staring at each other for a

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