Chained by a possessive mafia's love

Chapter 8 ~ I deserve this ~

* Blaze's Pov *

She coldly laughed, "Give me this back, otherwise send me back, choose one." She wants to deal with this, but it's too sad that both of them were precious to me.

" NO love, you're more precious than my own life, but our memory is also important to me; I have only one photo, and I can't let you ruin it, right " I turned the photo frame toward her. She finally looked at the picture; I wrote the surprise all over her face, which I clearly understand.

Because she already destroyed all of our memories and everything attached to our love, I know every detail of things she did after I left her, heartbroken.

" are you trying to show me how to fool? I have once loved a bastard, " Anna screamed at me; the pain in her eyes was something that I never wanted to see, yet I was the one who gave this pain.

I raised my hand to her and tried to touch her tears, which were flowing out, but slapped my hand away and wiped her tears down her own; my heart was in pain. This girl once tried to act cute and always tried to get my attention by looking like a cute rabbit.

But now when I badly want to touch her and give her all my attention she refused me, she learned how to control her emotions, her expression, she caged my Anna's heart; even when she woke up in a strange place, she seemed very calm,