Chained by a possessive mafia's love

Chapter 2 ~ Real king is back ~

                                                       * Anna’s Pov *

Now that I'm missing from my wedding, what will occur to my parents? How will they face Dylan's family? Did they know someone kidnapped me, or would they think I ran away from my wedding?

The more I think about my parents, the more my heart aches for them.

I miss my parents, tears flowing from my eyes.

I’m a calm girl from childhood, never cried loudly but at this moment I want to shout in my mother's a

I’m the lone child of my parents, everything for them—their only world.

Although my parents belong to a middle-class family, we were pleased in our life.

I’ve been happy until something happened to my family,

Two months ago, they diagnosed my father with gastric cancer,

Our life changed after that; we couldn’t afford his medical expenses. I tried everything to earn money for my father but failed. I knew how much my father protected me from this cruel world, and now my father doesn't have much time; otherwise, he will be in danger.