CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

Chapter 490 I’ve Made Everything Clear

Marshall turned to Clara and was indifferent.

Clara then let out a light smiled, “What a stupid question. I’m asking for humiliations.”

She looked up and heaved a long breath, “Well, but I would have this foolish thought if I don’t ask you. I would always imagine that maybe you have a shred of...”

“No.” Marshall answered directly.

What a blunt reply. His face didn’t even change.

Clara paused and gazed at Marshall.

Marshall continued, “I’ve never liked you. I didn’t have any other feelings for you even before Katherine was in my life. I just think that your family background is great match with mine and would agree to have that engagement. I have no feelings for you personally.”

Clara slowly opened her mouth and failed to say anything but okay.

Marshall looked at the passing traffic and added, “I was pretty sorry when I went to break off the engagement, but it’s just that. I have never regretted or felt terrible for that decision.”

Lips pursed, Clara asked in a while, “You have no feelings for Katherine at first, but then you started liking her after you got married, so I just thought that we might be the same if she didn’t show up.”

Marshall smiled and wasn’t exactly taunting her.

He replied, “If I stared having feelings for her just because we got married, we won’t ever get divorced.”

Katherine was as sweet as she can be to Marshall during their marriage, but he loathed her back then.

His love for her came after he lost her. How ironic.

Clara drooped her eyes and felt terrible, “It’s just that I always wondered what things would be without Katherine.”

Marshall frowned and couldn’t really give her this answer because he had never thought about this,.

Then he turned to Clara, “I wouldn’t be able to give you the life you desired even if we got married. You are not my type. Do you understand?”

Clara knew what Marshall was referring to.