CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

Chapter 484 You Treated Her Better than Me

They kept standing there in the parking lot.

Katherin and Frances realized it was time for lunch, so they took a turn in the garden, only to see that Marshall and Khalid were back.

Frances couldn't help laughing.

Khalid stared at her and couldn't help twitching his lips and grinning a smile, too.

Katherin wasn't smiling; she strolled to Marshall and said, "Do you know Clara invited us over for dinner tonight?"

Marshall nodded. Frances had called and told him about that.

He reached out and held Katherin's hand. "She invited me into the company today, and I've already turned her down. I didn't know you would agree."

Katherin chuckled, "Clara is smarter now. She's attacking us on both flanks."

Frances walked to Khalid and asked, "Why are you back at noon? You'll waste lots of time back and forth."

Khalid didn't seem to care about it. He said, "It's fine. Our lunch break is long enough for us to come back."

Frances nodded. They walked to the main building together.

Old Mrs. Grant was standing at the door, looking at them. She was here to get Katherin and Frances for lunch.

That was a scene she had never seen before because Katherin and Marshall didn't get along with each other well.

Frances and Khalid had never walked side by side so peacefully, either.

They did have walked together, but the vibe between them had never been better.

Frances would do most of the talking when they walked together, while Khalid remained silent.

Old Mrs. Grant had never seen them walking, talking, and laughing.

Katherin walked a bit faster. Seeing Old Mrs. Grant standing there, she knew it was time for lunch. She exclaimed, "Argh, I'm hungry. Let's go for lunch."

She was even more energetic than before.