CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

Chapter 475 A Text from Clara

Katherine showed great interest. Undoubtedly, if she got displeased by the answer, she would be likely to cause Khalid a trouble.

Seeing that, Marshall was rendered speechless.

He looked at her, “Come on, don’t be agitated. Sit down over here.”

Katherine slowly walked over to sit on the bedside.

Then Marshall added, “Dad could tell Kathy loves to stay with you. Once Kathy moves in, he worries if Kathy would feel uneasy because of the awkward attitude between her and the other members of the Grants. So he suggested you should move in with her. Besides, he would claim that it was he himself who asked for your move-in so that you wouldn’t be embarrassed. But I suppose he still find it awkward to confess that in front of you. So he made me here to tell you about it and also ask for your opinion.”

Katherine smiled and answered on behalf of Frances, “Alright, alright, that’s it. I am sure she would agree.”

Then she looked at Frances, “Am I right about that? You will move in with me, right?”

With her lips pressed, Frances tried hard to hold back her excitement. She then nodded, “Alright…”

Actually, everyone here could tell she still had feelings for Khalid. So her move-in this time would be an opportunity to rekindle their relationship.

Since then, both Marshall and Katherine returned back to their room.

As soon as they entered, Marshall hugged her tight, “I can’t wait!”

Of course Katherine could tell what he was referring to. She slapped onto his hands wrapping around her waist, “Get off me.”

Her voice sounded too soft to stop him.

Marshall didn’t let go. He still hugged her tight, “Katherine, I know you still have feelings for me, right?”

Katherine let out her breath, “Feelings don’t mean everything. Marshall, you should be mature enough to get this point. I am not longer young and innocent. My decision no more depends on feelings only. Instead, my decision depends on which suits me the best.”

Hearing that, Marshall was rendered dispirited.

Katherine broke free from his hug and brought up another topic, “Which date does your dad want us to move in? Actually, I don’t wanna move in. But I would like to compromise to spare a chance for both Frances and your dad.”

Marshall added after thinking for seconds, “The sooner, the better. I will get busy during these days. So I still worry if both you and mom stayed here. Once you move in, you would be taken good care of. If so, I would be relieved.”