CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

Chapter 471 A Different Side of Katherine

Khalid went to the house after work. He almost arrived at the same time with Ralph.

Khalid strode into the parlor, looking anxious.

Marshall, who was talking on his phone, hurried to hang it up when noticing Khalid walking over.

Ralph still behaved slovenly while wearing a flippant smile.

Marshall stood up to say to both of them, “Katherine and mom are both upstairs.”

So Khalid hurried to the second floor.

Ralph was a bit surprised. He looked at Marshall, “What happened? What’s going on with elder Mr. Grant?”

Marshall sighed and briefly told him what happened in the afternoon.

Soon, the flippant smile on his face faded away. He frowned, “What? Did you get that guy?”

Marshall nodded, “We got him under control. I will go to check what’s going on after dinner.”

Ralph nodded, “Let’s go together. I’d like to see who actually dared to conspire against you.”

As Khalid went upstairs, he straightly headed to Frances’s room.

As both Katherine and Darcie were inside the room, they packed up the med kit and left.

Frances was about to sit up. But she suddenly felt a bang of pain down her waist.

“Ouch!” she huffed and slumped onto the bed again.

She smiled at Khalid awkwardly, “Alright, I think I’d better keep my posture on the bed like that.”

Khalid walked over to check the bruise, “Still hurt?”

Frances replied, “Of course it hurts. But it’s okay for me.”

After some consideration, Khalid sat on the bedside, “Well, you seem to be quite tougher than before. I still remember you would like to whine for long in the old days even because of a simple bump onto your body.”

Frances couldn’t help chuckling, “Yeah, I do feel like being a bit tougher now.”

Actually, she also started to wonder when this change occurred to her. Perhaps it was an abrupt one when she was told that Katherine got pregnant.