CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

Chapter 468 Triple Good Fortunes

Katherine went to the yard with cellphone in hand and answered the phone.

The woman, who made the call said to her smilingly, “Kathy, are you busy? Why not answer my phone call?”

Katherine lowered her voice, a little annoyed, “As you know, I am busy and it’s not convenient for me to answer the phone. Why you call me again and again?”

The woman stopped, seemingly a bit awkward, for only for a few seconds. Then she smiled and said, “When I called you last time, you did not speak. Your sister, who misses you much, did not hear your voice. She just wants to talk to you now.”

Katherine replied straight-forward, “I have no sisters. Why you don’t understand that? I have explained to you for many times. Now I tell you again. I have no relationships with you as well. Please don’t bother me anymore.”

The voice of the other side lowered, “Kathy, don’t act like that. You broke my heart.”

Katherine said in a cold voice, regardless of the woman’s feelings, “I tell you. I clearly know what’s in your mind. Don’t think nobody knows the conspiracy made by Reuben Jordan and you. You are delusional. I will never be your daughter.”

The woman’s voice became lower, “Kathy, I’m your mother. How can you saying to me in this way?”

Katherine sneered, “I don’t have mother. My mother died long time ago. I have no kinsfolks in this world, none. They all died.”

The woman seemed to be upset by the word “died”, she said in a cold voice, “well, OK, as you act in this way, don’t blame us for anything.”

Isn’t it sounds much better than before by saying in this way?

Katherine did not know why the woman pretended to care her like playing a drama. Is it better to be herself and adhere to her principles?

Katherine hung up the cellphone directly.

Then she stood still to let herself calm down. Otherwise others would easily found that she was upset.

She stood for a moment there. Before she completely calmed down, a hand was put on her shoulder.

Frances stood behind her, asked in a low and soft voice, “Are you okay? Tell me, who made the call? A guy you dislike?”

Katherine looked back and murmured, “Yep, a guy I dislike.”

Frances looked at Katherine, “If you were in trouble, just ask for help. We all here by your side.”

“It’s all right,” Katherine said, “It doesn’t matter.”