CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

Chapter 467 You Just Accept It

Cora stared at Frances for some time. After that, she nodded with a seemingly frustration. "I know. But if you don't have the affections towards Khalid as before, I sincerely hope you can avoid visiting him so much, because you know..."

"I have," Frances interrupted the conversation.

Looking at Cora who was in a trance, Frances took a deep breath and said frankly, "I still love Khalid, even deeper than before. Our divorce was due to my fault indeed, but it was against my will. If it is possible, I still want to be with him."

It seemed Cora got speechless all at once.

Frances sat upright, "I can understand what you have said today. How can I say? We both have our own strengths. Let's see who will win. In the past, I could have an advantage over you with my authority. Now it was gone. I can only say I will make every effort. Don't worry, it is a fair competition. I will bless you whether you win or not."

Hearing that, Cora had nothing to say.

Frances checked the time, "It is a bit late now. I must go home. Otherwise Marshall and Katherine will get worried."

She picked up her cellphone, stood up, and nodded to Cora. She squared up and left holding her head high.

The cafe was not far away from her home. Frances walked slowly while her heart sank bit by bit.

Though she looked calm outwardly, she was overwhelmed inwardly.

Coming here personally proved that Cora was determined. Compared with Cora, Frances was unsure as to what the next actions should be.

Frances arrived home and she met Katherine and Marshall in the yard.

Katherine and Marshall were watching TV. Katherine was so convulsed with laughter that she laughed even louder than the TV.

Marshall looking at Katherine by her side, smiling.

Frances stopped and watched them.

If she treated Katherine well previously, Katherine and Marshall would maintain a good relationship like what she saw. Besides, Khalid and she would not get divorced.

Not to mention to lead to the current situation that someone wanted to compete with her.

Frances waited for a while before she went to the living room. She looked at the two on the couch and said, “Oh, you two did not go upstairs to sleep at this hour of the night.”

Seeing Frances coming back, Katherine turned around quickly to greet her. “You were later than we expected. We just want to go out to find you.”

Frances moved her shoulder, “I just walked around. The surroundings were lively in the evening.”

Hearing this, Katherine looked outside, but absolutely she could not catch a sight of the scene.